carve & create an olaf pumpkin :: gutting a pumpkin tip :: diy

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Did you carve your pumpkins yet? I stumbled on this super easy Olaf pumpkin carving template. I promise it is not hard! HERE is the link with the free printable you can download. Cut the bottom of your pumpkins open to de-goop them. Stack your pumpkins to decide the best placement for the template. Cut out the template and trace OR freehand it the design onto your pumpkin. Carve your pumpkins. Add some twigs for arms and 3 sticks for Olaf’s {Read More}

DIY flowers made easy with bloominous :: review


Having planned my own wedding “once upon a time” ago, I know the fun that planning a wedding entails, but I also know the stress of it as well. Unfortunately most often the stress revolves around finances, and one of the most expensive parts of a wedding can be the flowers. Because of this, a lot of brides turn to DIY flower arrangements and centerpieces. Trying to decide how to arrange flowers can be difficult when this is not something {Read More}

nine weeks and counting :: Christmas


Ok, so I’m not typically one to skip holidays. It frustrates me that stores often have Christmas stuff out before July 4th. It makes me sad that Thanksgiving Day has been swallowed up by the chaos of Christmas. That being said, I just realized that we have less than 9 weeks until Christmas! I also went into my girls’ room the other day and they were writing up a Christmas list. So I figured since I had the list it {Read More}

teething time with hazelaid baltic amber necklace :: review + coupon + giveaway


My daughter is 4.5 months old and we are entering the dreaded teething stage. After a few sleepless nights with a fussy, drooling baby I started asking around for some tips on how to help my little one get some relief. I found every parent has their own tricks on what worked for their baby, but almost everyone I talked to raved about Baltic amber teething necklaces. I knew I had to get one for my daughter and started doing research and came {Read More}

bath time with otteroo :: review + coupon


My parents introduced myself and my siblings to the pool at a very early age…and I mean EARLY. I have pictures of me in the pool only a few weeks after I was born. Because I was raised around a swimming pool and have always had a love for the water I knew I wanted to do the same for my daughter. After finding the Otteroo, I thought it would be the perfect way to get her comfortable with water {Read More}

want a massage daily? me too! :: review + giveaway


It’s been a long day…all your kids needed baths, you did dishes for what seemed like all day…you slaved in the kitchen not only making dinner, but cookies for your family to enjoy when they get home for the day. Your back is aching and all you want to do is make an appointment with your local masseuse. However, reality sits in and that means you would have to find a time that you weren’t running around with appointments for {Read More}

abco tech wireless shower speaker and FM radio :: review

abcotech shower speaker

I thought I was embarking on this review for my husband because he was excited to try out this shower speaker, but turns out we both are using this thing ALL.THE.TIME! This shower speaker sync’s with our smartphones. They don’t even have to be in the bathroom either. It has a great range to sync up. We also discovered it’s so much more then just a shower speaker. We hook it to our mirror while we get ready, it joins {Read More}

guess what I did last weekend? hint… it includes apples and a recipe!

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Apple picking! Yep… we are soaking up everything that fall has to offer! It is a favorite time of year for our family, and we are taking advantage of all the beautiful fall colors, freshly harvest produce and spontaneous trips to the apple orchard. I may have been a little over zealous and convinced my hubby we needed a bushel of apples. I did not realize QUITE how many apples were in a bushel, but we had a ton of {Read More}

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