preserving memories with made with love ceramic imprints :: review + coupon


Children growing up is a double edged sword. While it is wonderful to be along as they experience all the new milestones as they grow it is also sad to see them no longer staying as small as they once were. Just this summer both my girls shot up half an inch in one month! With a little help from Made With Love Ceramic Imprints I am excited to have something precious to remember these small sizes. Most specifically, the {Read More}

free printable signs :: {low ink} :: #BackToSchool :: first day of school

first day of school signs featured image

I’ve got your back, Mom! When it’s the first day of school you feel lucky if you have an extra 3 seconds to snap a photo before you rush to get your crew to school on time. Here are some FREE printable #BackToSchool signs you can have ready in a flash. While I suggest you have them printed the night before school, I won’t judge you if you are scrambling to find the print button as you read this. {psssstttt…scroll down…quickly…look for the thumbnail of {Read More}

fab-ity fabulous fab kids for #BackToSchool :: review {#FallFashion #KidFashion #WhatTheyWore}


It’s Back to School time and I’m talking fashion with my favorite kid’s clothing subscription service! Fab Kids – that’s right!! I was able to check out two outfits this month to feature on our blog. So gracious of them, and so thankful too because we love them!! As soon as the black and white one came out of the box, Lili gasped…then shrieked. A sure sign of love Adalynn saw the sequined star and smiled as bright as the {Read More}

#BackToSchool with :: versatile, durable labels, keyboard stickers, & more :: review + coupon code

kidecals fe

“BTS” or #BackToSchool as we have #hashtagged# it here on the blog for the next few weeks, belongs to the list of words we don’t say at our house. Especially when it’s still mid-summer. We try to ignore the fact that summer vacation will eventually come to an end. I’m borderline obnoxious about being prepared for things though. I have a serious love of back to school supplies too. I really contradict myself on the topic. I want summer to be {Read More}

looking for school supplies? did you think to check out @kohl’s? :: information #kohls101


When I think Back to School supply shopping, I never really thought to check out Kohl’s. I mean, for me…Kohl’s is all about fashion and home. That is what I always shop for when visiting my local Kohl’s. However, I was recently informed that Kohl’s and Office Max have partnered together for {in store only} school supplies this year! That is oh. so. fabulous. for me because we do a TON of back to school shopping at Kohl’s for my {Read More}

limelite technologies :: night light :: 3 cents a year :: review + giveaway

limelite featured image

Hopefully you don’t live with a penny pincher who follows you around the house shutting off lights. I am all about saving money, but I’m not going to be on the next episode of Extreme Cheapskate. I actually loath bending over to turn off the kid’s night lights in the morning. I dislike it so much that I’ve tried to train the kids to do it, gotten sensor lights, or just let it stay on for the day. I was given the LimeLite {Read More}

sometimes #alittlemore is all I need :: Walgreens giveaway

#alittlemore Huggies Walgreens

“Just one more paragraph,” she says when I call her name and I know exactly how she feels. She’s heard me say it a thousand times. She’s said it herself at least a hundred times. When you’re knee-deep in a good story, it’s hard to tear away. You always want to read just one more paragraph, one more chapter, just a little more. I love that reading is her favorite hobby. I love that we share that love. I really {Read More}

are you self-sufficient? :: book review

The Self-Suffient Home

Recently a friend and I were talking about all the things our parents and, even more so, our grandparents know that we don’t know. We may be able to google up the answer to any of the billion off-the-wall question our kids ask. We may be able to skype with friends who live in other countries. We may be able to order almost anything we need and have it shipped to our door, often in a matter of days. But {Read More}

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