sometimes #alittlemore is all I need :: Walgreens giveaway

#alittlemore Huggies Walgreens

“Just one more paragraph,” she says when I call her name and I know exactly how she feels. She’s heard me say it a thousand times. She’s said it herself at least a hundred times. When you’re knee-deep in a good story, it’s hard to tear away. You always want to read just one more paragraph, one more chapter, just a little more. I love that reading is her favorite hobby. I love that we share that love. I really {Read More}

are you self-sufficient? :: book review

The Self-Suffient Home

Recently a friend and I were talking about all the things our parents and, even more so, our grandparents know that we don’t know. We may be able to google up the answer to any of the billion off-the-wall question our kids ask. We may be able to skype with friends who live in other countries. We may be able to order almost anything we need and have it shipped to our door, often in a matter of days. But {Read More}

chime :: debit card with cash rewards :: app review + giveaway

chimecard selfie

I’m excited about this post. I love saving money and I get a rush when I can share a money saving technique with others. Read on because I have $5 to The Children’s Place for the first 200 readers that jump on it. Let me explain what in the world the Chime app and debit card is all about. It’s brand new and I think we are all going to be bragging about stumbling on this when we save lots of money. I’ve been {Read More}

back to regularly scheduled life :: eMeals review + coupon

eMeals school coupon code

This summer has been full, y’all. Really full. We’ve been in and out a lot but doing things that we all enjoy, like going to the library, the bowling alley, and the pool. We’ve even taken a few short trips to the beach and the mountains. But we’ve also had days where we haven’t gotten out of our jammies. Regardless of what kind of day we’ve had, one thing has been constant this summer: my lack of meal planning. Life {Read More}

keep it real with realbeanz iced coffees :: giveaway


I am a coffee drinker, through and through. It started when I was a wee lass and my parents would let me take teeny tiny sips of their super sweet coffee using a teaspoon. In college, coffee was my late-night lifeline and my early morning savior. Biggby (it was Beaners back then), Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts (my f.a.v.e.)….I loved them all (I love them still). Before I had kids, I would enjoy lattes and iced coffees at my leisure because, well, {Read More}

team ibotta :: I’ve gotten $117 cash back for shopping :: app review

ibotta: earn money while you shop

I’m still using an app called Ibotta to get cash back on my grocery and other shopping trips. Have you read my posts in the past? I recently stopped my newspaper subscription because I just plain don’t have time to do the coupon clipping. 3 kids under 6 years old makes my brain mush and life busy. The Ibotta app is my coupon alternative and has simplified my life.  Since I joined I have gotten a grand total of $117 back. CASH deposited into {Read More}

Big G cereal movies :: summer promotion

General Mills Logo

Remember a couple weeks back when I shared the S’mores recipe round up with you all? My family is currently two S’mores recipes into our summer already and both s’mores treats have been HUGE hits with everyone who tried them (recipes #1 and #3 in case you’re wondering). The most recent recipe to quickly disappear was a double batch of the S’mores Graham Krispie Treats made with Golden Grahams cereal. After the first two boxes of Golden Grahams that I {Read More}

tiny tap :: {free} kids and family app :: review

tiny tap featured image

I’m always looking for educational apps for the kids. I must add that I hate to pay for apps. Basically I refuse! My children (ages 6, 4, and 1) have really enjoyed the Tiny Tap app. That’s impressive that an app can be fun for such a wide age range. This is more than an app of games for kids though. It’s a way for kids, parents, and teachers to create and learn together. We were able to make games as a family with {Read More}

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