#aSIMPLEchristmas :: give cute, cuddly and soft clothes for christmas this year


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love adorable yet SOFT clothes for my babies!! Not only are the babies so soft and squishy, but when you combine that with an awesome outfit, total win/win!! I was sent a couple outfits from PAIGELAUREN and they are delightful!  Before I go any further, they are made the in USA!! What I noticed about this brand, they aren’t one to jump on trends of cuddly animals. They are classic and {Read More}

get comfy with bombas socks :: review


There is nothing like a brand new pair of socks.  I love how soft, fluffy and comfy they are on your feet.  Do you have a favorite brand of socks?  Bombas are socks engineered and designed to look better, feel better and with a mission to help those in need. The inspiration for Bombas was formed when we came across a quote that changed everything. “Socks are the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters.” Bombas was born out {Read More}

#aSIMPLEchristmas :: 5 very personal gifts for all on your list from lands’ end


At this time of year, I just run out of ideas. Sometimes, I just can’t think of something! I don’t enjoy getting gifts….just to get gifts. I like to take the time and make it memorable! I like the person receiving my gift to think to themselves, “this rocks!” My job is done when I feel I have accomplished this! I don’t only like to get rockin’ gifts, but I love to get gifts that have a personal feel to {Read More}

teething fashionably with munchables :: review + giveaway


Munchables is a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) company, located in Canada. The idea for Munchables began when Laura’s baby boy, Aiden, began teething and she needed a teething necklace for him to munch on. After searching the internet for an affordable solution and only finding not-so-fashionable wooden DIY necklaces and silicone necklaces that cost an arm and a leg, this mom set out to provide affordable teething jewelry for moms, that is aesthetically pleasing. Munchables jewelry products offer mothers {Read More}

have you heard of shirts.com? :: review + giveaway


T-shirts. All kinds of t-shirts.  You name it they have it! Shirts.com has a wide variety of t-shirts to choose from.  Blank shirts, theme shirts and character shirts.  I would be willing to be that t-shirts are the most popular shirt worn today. We received two t-shirts from shirts.com and they are very fun!  We got the still popular, every a year later, Frozen shirt of Elsa.  My daughter is going to be sqwealing when she sees this shirt. At {Read More}

#aSIMPLEchristmas :: 6 gifts from @verabradley that you didn’t know YOU wanted

emma satchel

It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of Vera Bradley. Not only in real life, but in my “online life” as well. I share often and wear more often than I share! So, let’s talk about them and how they can fit about any gift giving need you have. Even for the gifts for the people you don’t know what to get. If you like quilted or you don’t, keep reading. I am going to win you over… I originally {Read More}

how to make your sweatshirt pop :: review {#realmomstyle #momfashion}


I don’t know about you, but running around with kids all day, (being a stay at home) definitely doesn’t afford me to look cute 24/7 like when I used to work. I remember showering early in the morning before doing anything else, brushing my teeth, eating, then running off to work. All completely dressed and put together. Fast forward to today, I still am completely dressed and put together every day, it’s just definitely a new put together. Now, I {Read More}

#aSIMPLEchristmas :: chasing fireflies has made my holiday fashion options easy-peasy :: review


In October, I shared Chasing Fireflies with you all. My little ladies sported some seriously adorable costumes this year (and last too if you missed that post, or if you are a newer reader!!) Every single time I have purchased with or been gifted items from Chasing Fireflies, I have loved it all! Not once have I been let down! This time, I am testing some new waters here folks. I haven’t ever checked out their dress clothes! Basically, I {Read More}

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