make your {little} dude dapper with dapsters :: review + giveaway


I have two boys and two girls. My girls love to wear matching outfits. My boys actually like to match too. (I doubt that will last much longer, but it’s adorable and I’m not going to stop them). Let me tell you: finding matching girls outfits is a lot easier than finding matching boy outfits! This past Christmas I made dresses for the girls and the boys asked if they could get bow ties. “Really smart guys wear bow ties,” {Read More}

sequins and black cats :: review with monthly outfit picks


You know I’m a fan of Fab Kids. It’s obvious as I continue to share each month’s picks that are part of the subscription. So, I wanted to mix it up and tell you 5 reasons why you should check out Fab Kids if you haven’t already. At the bottom, I will share yet another choice we received from our subscription box! Again, a stellar pick! So, let’s get on with it! The word is getting around! I ran in {Read More}

#BeautyIs to me…


*This post is sponsored by Global Influence.* In the day and age of selfies running rampant, I wanted to remind you that it’s ok and NOT vain to take them! I know we have all heard it on social media, “if I see another selfie, I’m going to un-friend!” Well, today I wanted to put that in to some perspective for you. Have you never thought, maybe this person needs a pick me up for the day? Maybe they are {Read More}

what do you want to be for halloween? :: review {#chasingtreats2014}

Chasing Fireflies Featured Image 2014

Every year it comes. And every year is is done as quickly as it has come. I’m talking about Halloween. There is so much hype leading up to this day. When I first had kids, I thought I wouldn’t dress the kids up, I thought I wouldn’t even acknowledge the day. Fast forward 8 years, the idea of not having a day dedicated to dressing up in whatever costume (within reason) they wanted to and binging on huge amounts of candy, {Read More}

getting cuddly with the cuddle bear from elks & angels :: review


The words “cuddle” and “baby” just go together. You can’t have “baby” without the other. So, when you find an item called “cuddle bear”, you just have to check it out! I was sent a Little Cuddle Bear from Elks & Angels, and cuddle we did! My 5-year old is a big cuddler, so once she saw what her baby sister received, she quickly assigned the bear to herself…not the baby. The baby is little enough at this point that {Read More}

sometimes, you just need something new for pictures :: family pictures {#fallfashion}


You all know by now, Kohl’s has come to my rescue on many occasions when it comes to clothing or home needs. There are so many things that I love about this store, it’s hard to pick just one. I think the bottom line for me comes to massive selection combined with stellar deals. Ok, maybe deals gets me first! Whenever I go in to the store, I have an agenda. If you don’t, you come out with a ton {Read More}

strawberry kids coat #fallfashion :: giveaway


You all remember the adorable birdie coat from Strawberry Kids that I reviewed in January, right? If not, check this out. Features: – To ensure kids and parents can have a unique coat, each design is created in a limited run. – The coats are machine washable, water resistant and lined with polar fleece. I really love this coat and the cute styles they have.  There are 4 styles to chose from and they are so unique that your child {Read More}

today is the DAY for leather from @VeraBradley! #TogetherInStyle

pink canvas tote

I don’t know about you, but when I think Vera Bradley, leather isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Well…change your thinking everyone! Leather bags can now be purchased from Vera Bradley! I had an opportunity to see these first hand about a month ago and they are SO swoon-worthy! The pictures below just don’t do them justice. Move on over Coach, Vera Bradley is on the scene! On your next purchasing escapade when looking for a new purse {Read More}

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