cake maternity :: feel beautiful for valentine’s day & everyday :: review


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it’s not easy to feel beautiful at all time. There are a lot of changes to a women’s body that take place in a fairly quick amount of time which takes some getting used to. Maternity clothes have come so far in the last decade and more and more brands are dedicating time to meeting the needs of expecting moms. Cake Maternity is committed to the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women around the world, {Read More}

to go bag by bags of sugar :: review + giveaway


I love when I find a product that has been designed to meet the need of an all too common problem.  Usually these products are made by someone who most likely has been in the same situation you were in when you thought “there’s got to be something out there to solve this.” Bags of Sugar is a unique company that makes baby blankets for your little one.  What makes these products stand out to your ordinary baby blankets is {Read More}

one of europe’s hottest jewelry trends–endless jewelry :: review + giveaway


Endless combinations. Genuine lambskin bracelets. Fun, bright colors. Silver, gold and rose gold charms. Mix and match. You design. Endless Jewelry started in Europe in 2010 and has become one of the hottest jewelry trends across the pond. Using only “real” products–real gold, real leather and real gemstones, Endless has created a line of customizable jewelry that can be mixed, matched and changed every time you wear it.  Endless Jewelry offers a contemporary twist on a classic charm bracelet. Endless {Read More}

nested bean zen swaddle :: review


When my daughter was a newborn she would not fall asleep without a tight swaddle, however she was able to wiggle out of even the best swaddle I could do (and as a former Nursery nurse I pride myself in being a master-swaddler.) I went on the hunt for a better solution so we both could get some much needed rest. I found several pre-made swaddles but Nested Bean swaddles were our favorite. This brilliant baby product is the only infant {Read More}

winterize your nails whether you go out or stay in :: review


Winter is here!  Have I mentioned winter in many of my posts yet?  I actually love winter and the chance it brings to stay inside and keep warm or the chance it brings to get outside in the snow and have some fun.  Winter brings challenges unlike any other season like driving on icy roads, keeping the house warm, and dealing with dry skin, but also brings some of the best things too, like the beautiful white on the trees and grass, sledding or skiing down {Read More}

help work out those new years resolutions with Target® C9 :: review


This post was sponsored by Target® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own. It’s January. It’s a NEW YEAR! It’s time to get focused and get the job done – whatever that job may be for you! For me, I have a few different things I want to achieve this year. While I am working on all them right now, I am trying my best {Read More}

no more panty lines with dear kate yoga pants :: review


Oil and water. Toothpaste and orange juice. Yoga pants and panty lines. Some things just don’t mix. But what’s a girl to do? I always thought there were two options: wear regular underwear and rock those panty lines (while hoping that no one will notice when, of course, everyone will) or wear a thong (which can be, quite literally, a pain in the butt—especially when they rise up during your practice or a long run). For years now, I’ve just {Read More}

zoe clothing company, goes way beyond the clothes :: review + coupon {#realmomstyle #faithbasedclothing}

IMG_6986 (1)

You all know by now, that I love fashion. Fashion is fun. It makes you feel better than you might have felt in something simple. I love adding fun things to an outfit that make it pop, as subtle as some additions may be. I also love sharing NEW companies with you all that really hit me. Good companies that are sharing the good and everything else, are worthy of the share. I was recently introduced to Zoe Clothing Company {Read More}

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