cover up with a libian bolero shrug #springfashion #momfashion


Do you live where the weather is unpredictable?  One day it’s hot, one day it’s cold.  I just never know living here in Michigan. This especially happens with the changing of the season. Like now, the weekend was warm in the 80s and now the last 2 days it has been in the 50s.  What do you need to do, dress accordingly.  This is why I find a shrug as a cover up a very useful piece in my wardrobe.  {Read More}

pamper yourself with evelyn and crabtree :: giveaway


As I sat down at my computer to begin writing, I took a few moments to rub my hands together and enjoy the rich smooth texture of soft hands. Why? Because I had just put on a dab of Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy! This silky hand cream leaves my hands nourished and yearning for more each time I use it! After spending hours outside hauling tree branches and brush today… my hands deserved it!! Crabtree & Evelyn makes it easy to {Read More}

klipz kidz :: customized kids shoes–one pair, many styles :: giveaway


While I might have a bit of an issue buying more shoes than I need, I try to keep things more simple when it comes to my kids.  With their growing feet, I like to only buy one pair of sneakers for my kids.  With as quickly as their feet grow, I prefer to buy one pair of quality shoes than several pair of cheap ones.  Sometimes that means forgoing the superhero shoes in favor of something more neutral.  Sometimes it {Read More}

organic activewear from masala baby {#springfashion #kidfashion #realkidstyle} :: giveaway


Oh, Masala Baby, you have done it again.  Their organic clothing is phenomenal.  The line I am talking about is the activewear.  You remember the wonderful organic pajamas that my kids were sporting. If not, check them out here. It’s great because they are still wearing them.  Love these pajamas.  For now, let me tell you about the activewear. I think it is important to teach the importance of an active lifestyle starting at a young age.  Why not help {Read More}

brightlifego :: showing the world the beauty, fashion & health benefits of compression hosiery + giveaway


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. To create and grow a life inside of your body is one of the greatest miracles there is but boy oh boy does it take it’s toll physically over 9 months. I wish I was one of those women who said they loved being pregnant, that they enjoyed every minute and just radiated that beautiful “pregnancy glow” however, I’m not. With both of my pregnancies I have had morning sickness for my entire first trimester, {Read More}

trendy, unique styles from chooze shoes {#springfashion #kidfashion #realkidstyle}


We always tell our kids to be unique and different.  Be yourself we tell them.  Be different. Create a difference is what Chooze Shoes is all about. It’s not fun to be like everyone else, so we tell our kids to be fun and creative.  They can do that with chooze shoes.  It takes creativity and confidence to choose to wear two different shoes, to stand out and to believe in one’s self.  Every child is born creative and it {Read More}

a new way to swaddle from buttermilk babies

buttermilk babies featured image

When my two girls were babies I just loved using our swaddling blankets to wrap them up tight. Sadly, with both of them being larger babies the usual swaddle blanket did not work for long and when we were past that swaddling stage the blankets were basically useless because they were too small to use for anything else either. When I first learned about buttermilk babies I was super excited for two reasons. First of all, because of the impressive {Read More}

tomgirl :: the prefect pregnancy bra


As many moms know, finding a bra that fits perfect during pregnancy can be tough. Pre-pregnancy I was an 34A cup and now I am a 36B/34C and I thought finding the perfect combination of comfort, support and fashion without having to buy several bras throughout my pregnancy was impossible until I found the TOMgirl Perfect Pregnancy Bra. This bra is IT, the perfect bra to last your though your pregnancy and postpartum and it doubles as a nursing bra too. TOMgirl’s {Read More}

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