nuroo nursing scarf :: endless options for coverage and style

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month! Two kids under two = lots of stuff. Every time we prepare to leave the house I feel like I’m packing for a week long vacation. You have to pack the diapers, the wipes, spare outfits, bottles, binkies, toys…the list goes on and on. I’m always looking out for products that can make my life easier and can perform double duty to lighten the load of my luggage, I mean diaper bag.  I received a few {Read More}

100% organic with simply chickie clothing


Onesies, sleeps sacks, hats and diapers. Oh My!  I love onesies.  They seriously are the easiest clothing item to put on your child. It keeps them warm and covers everything.  They go under an outfit for the winter and in the summer they can just sport it alone due to it being so hot. Simply Chickie has some great rompers you will want to check out. They have 100% organic cotton clothing, which is perfect for the fresh new babies. {Read More}

keeping baby dry with bananas boutique bibs :: giveaway


With a little guy at home and another one on the way, bibs are a must around the house. Some days it’s to help with messy food, but sometimes during those teething days, the bibs are just to help catch the drool. I do not use them at every meal or have my little guy wear one all the time, but sometimes they are just what we need to keep a shirt clean or keep my little guy dry! I {Read More}

better sleep for baby :: zipadee-zip giveaway

Laura December 2014 008

One of the first things I ever shared with you all was my experience with the Zipadee-zip! My little guy loved it from the first time we put it on him, and I was a little sad the day I realized he had grown out of it! He slept so well in it, and I have heard of so many little ones who had previously had trouble sleeping, who slept so well in the Zipadee-zip. I think it’s particularly helpful {Read More}

super WHY: cinderella and other fairytale adventures – now available!


My 4-year old has had a favorite show lately, and it’s one I don’t mind either. Yahoo!! Are you little ones fans of Super WHY from PBS Kids? There are SO many great things to like about this show. But what tops the list for me is the fact that it’s mostly learning! Intertwined in the learning is fun stories that the characters go in to. The characters are adorable too! In addition to learning fundamental reading skills in these {Read More}

tips for styling a child’s hair {#TangleTalk #JohnsonsPartners}


This post features JOHNSON’S® products I was given, and sharing some knowledge and stories I’ve learned along the way. All opinions are my own! #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore It’s absolutely crazy to me that my little baby doll is old enough to have her precious, baby-smooth hair brushed and sometimes, styled already. Seems like just yesterday I was yearning for her to have hair long enough for me to put a little ponytail on the top of her head. You know, those {Read More}

back to school with fab kids + deals UNDER $20 {#FabKidsBackToSchool}


In just a couple short weeks my little ladies are going to be wandering the halls of their school, and I won’t see them for too many hours. Ahh!! How is this happening already!! We are making the best of it though with the idea of new clothes and accessories brightening our day. We always rely on Fab Kids to bring some pretty and bright and colorful and FUN outfits to the game. Today is no different. My two older {Read More}

accessorize for fall with accessory concierge


Fall is right around the corner, and that means time for fall clothes and accessories! Every time a new season begins, I think of all the reasons I love that particular one. The list for fall is pretty long, but it definitely includes bonfires, football, jeans, scarves, and fall accessories! I found a great little boutique and online store that has accessories for all occasions and seasons at affordable prices! Accessory Concierge has great bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more! They {Read More}