let their toes be free to move in tsukihoshi


I have seen this brand around for a couple years now. It has always stuck out to me because, of course, I can’t pronounce it and the shoes are so fun.  A great pair of quality shoes are a must for all kids.  The stability and function should stand out when choosing their shoes.  Tsukihoshi […]

life is good :: #GROWthegood by sharing your favorite hero of optimism


Nationwide campaign spreads the power of optimism by honoring everyday heroes; every story shared provides $1 to support childcare professionals Life is good. It might not always be easy, pretty or fun, but life can always be good. And the positive lifestyle brand Life is Good wants to celebrate optimists who make a difference in their homes, communities […]

the spring, summer, fall and anytime else jacket i’m loving from matilda jane


I shared earlier in the week some fun finds from Matilda Jane for everyday wear this summer. Another item I had to share with you was the AMAZE jacket I received too. This is my third jacket from Matilda Jane, and to be honest with you, the Matilda Jane jackets I own have bumped all […]