mother’s day locket :: giveaway


This is my first ‘actual’ Mother’s Day, last year I was still pregnant with my daughter. It’s hard to believe she will be turning one in a few short months and her little sister will be born only weeks after. I have always wanted a locket necklace and thought that Mother’s Day would be the perfect opportunity to treat myself with a beautiful locket with my daughter’s picture inside. Would you buy a custom piece of jewelry online if you {Read More}

#SpringFashion looks from eden and zoe with a floral twist


When shopping for my girls, I’m always looking for something a little different. Something that sets the outfit apart from everything else you can find in mass retailers. While yes, I do shop at those places often, I LOVE finding boutiques and online shops that offer something nicer than what is at the mall. I was introduced to Eden & Zoe last fall, but due to timing, I didn’t have the time to share it with you until now. I {Read More}

jonas paul eyewear :: kids glasses with function and style


Shopping for children’s eyewear is not for the faint of heart.  Both of my older children wear glasses and my son’s prescription changes about every 3 months, so we’ve had our fair share of comparison shopping, failed attempts at ordering glasses online, and disappointment at the selection out there for kids.  The last time we left the optical store, my son was in tears.  Glasses are something he has to wear every minute of every day.  He wants to love {Read More}

freshen up your spring look with new glasses {#SpringFashion}


It has been more than a decade since my husband has purchased new glasses. Despite being a good three prescriptions behind now, it’s just not something we’ve put high on the priority list. And yet I get to hear {nearly every night} all about how his glasses are so outdated and how he’d be better off just squinting than trying to see out of them. But here’s the problem :: Unlike pretty much every thing else (clothes, shoes, etc), I {Read More}

#springfashion for your feet this year from ahnu


Ahnu is a really great brand that I trust on my feet.  It’s flip flop and sandal season soon here in Michigan.  I can’t wait to let me feet be free with my new Ahnu sandals. Ahnu always has a great line of spring and summer shoes that catch my eye.  This year looking through their site there were so many I wanted. Ahnu sandals are always comfortable and I am able to wear them all day long with out {Read More}

go little one go :: helping babies crawl with confidence + giveaway


We were so excited when my daughter figured out how to crawl, however, that excitement quickly faded as she slipped on her knees and came tumbling down onto our hardwood floors. Slippery floors plus sleepers and baby pants just aren’t a good mix for crawling babies. Go Little One Go has come up with a little something to lend a hand for tackling those darn slippery floors.   Go Little One Go pants are fashioned with patent-pending Anti-Slip gripping stars all over the knees of our pants that {Read More}

wantable :: my favorite subscription box for #springfashion {or anytime}!


Subscription boxes are so much fun. Items handpicked for me, delivered to my door each month. But so many of those subscriptions come with a hefty price tag. Wantable is the best of both worlds. Personalized, on-trend fashion and beauty products delivered straight to my door at a significant discount of the normal retail price.  This is the second time I’ve tried Wantable (see my first review here) and I’ve been impressed twice now with the fabulous finds (and cost-effectiveness). {Read More}

linge shoes ballet shoes for every occasion #springfashion


There’s not many things cuter than baby shoes. There’s just something about tiny shoes that makes them so hard to resist. The problem with so many baby shoes is either won’t actually stay on your baby’s feet or they are not supportive for their foot development and learning to walk. When I first came across Linge Shoes baby ballet flats I couldn’t get over how cute they were and had me daydreaming of taking my girls to their first ballet classes. Linge Shoes {Read More}

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