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“Those are too big.” “Those are too square.” “Those make your face look narrow.” “Those are not the right color for your skin tone.” Yes… this is a typical conversion that I have with my husband every time we pick him out new glasses. We have spent countless hours trying to find the perfect pair of glasses! Why do we do that? Because his glasses are an extension of his personality. I may be a little biased, but I think {Read More}

mother’s bracelet by pearls by laurel :: review and free shipping code


My kids and I have a hard time finding a gift for my mom that is special but practical, too. This year we decided to go with a Mother’s Bracelet from Pearls by Laurel. Pearls by Laurel used genuine Swarovski birthstone pearls for each grandchild as a way to represent her five grandchildren in a piece of jewelry. Pearls by Laurel makes the design process a breeze utilizing a simple drag and drop method.  I was even able to choose the {Read More}

my take on the october #musthavebox from @popsugarMHB :: review + coupon code {#ad}

popsugar must have logo

POPSUGAR provided me with a complimentary POPSUGAR Must Have box. The opinions I have shared about the box are my own and POPSUGAR did not tell me what to say or how to say it. I think subscription services are fun. Mainly because, it’s a surprise every time they come. You don’t know what’s in them! You are trusting that what they put in them, you will love! Most times, I find a few things I adore. And many times {Read More}

NFL Zone at PS from Aeropostale :: feature


PS from aeropostale is now carrying a new line called NFL Zone. They are online and in stores.  They are officially licensed NFL products that you can sport while watching your favorite team. They have everything from T-shirts for $16, long sleeve for $20, sweatpants for $28, and hooded sweatshirts for $33! With football season in full swing, I think these are the perfect attire! The teams included are the New York Giants, New England Patriots, Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, {Read More}

positively empowered :: girl power bracelet review

girl power

  I had forgotten all about it until I saw a new, fancy version of an old favorite. When we were in middle school my friends and I had tons of rubber band bracelets. We’d stretch it out over one of the folders in our Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and write little messages to one another on it with multicolored ballpoint pens. (Am I dating myself here???) Once you took it off of the folder, you couldn’t see the letters {Read More}

how to make your outfit pop :: review {#RealMomStyle}


I don’t know about you, but sometimes putting on an outfit just doesn’t feel right. It feels really blah and is in need of something else. Yet, sometimes the lack of time in your life doesn’t really give you an ability to venture out and seek what you really like! I have a fun solution and it centers around accessories, and fun ones at that! I love adding color to my outfits. It can easily change an outfit from bland, {Read More}

check out the current DesigNation collection at @kohls and the BOOTS :: information and pictures of #RealMomStyle

kohls elie tahari collectin header

I simply love the DesigNation collections that come out every couple months from Kohl’s. I recently shared the collection that will be coming in Spring, 2015…and I shared the Catherine Malandrino line with you multiple times in 2013. {Go ahead, click on over HERE and check them all out!} Well…they are back at it with a SUPER fabulous name and even cooler collection! The Elie Tahari for DesigNation collection, launched September 26 at Kohl’s, and is now available for purchase! {Read More}

let your little one love to dream WITH @lovetodreamusa :: review + giveaway


Sponsored. I have a fun post for you today. It’s centered around sleeping babies. Awwww, right? Never wake a sleeping baby, though, right? Well, what if your sweet little one doesn’t want to go to sleep because he/she wants to be cuddled, or swaddled. Yes, all babies (at least all of mine) love to have their hands up and ALWAYS escaping the swaddle. I WISH I would have known what I know now! When I was at the ABC Kids {Read More}

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