better baby sleep with the ollie swaddle :: coupon

TheOllieWorld_Ollie_Swaddle_Pink_Blue_Closed copy

As a veteran survivor of newborn sleep deprivation torture I knew what was coming when baby number three made his appearance. Any new parent can tell you that they will try anything that may make their little one settle down quicker, sleep longer, or even sleep at all. With this in mind I was prepared when we went to the hospital for delivery and had an Ollie Swaddle from The Ollie World packed in my bag for our new arrival. {Read More}

solemate sox will never get lost in the wash


This review is a promotion of a Kickstarter campaign. No product or monetary compensation have been exchanged for the feature of this product. All opinions are my own. How many times do you throw socks in the wash only to have them come out missing their mate? I can not tell you the number of socks that I have sitting in a laundry basket waiting for their mates to magically reappear – sometimes they do, but most of the time they {Read More}

twelvelittle allure convertible satchel :: my go-to diaper bag


Around our house, we are in full nesting mode. I have about 2 weeks left until my newest bundle of joy will be joining our family. Although I just had a baby just over a year ago there are several items that have been on my wishlist for baby # 2. My husband already own a TWELVElittle Unisex Courage Satchel {see my review here} but when I saw their newest diaper bags in the sapphire color I knew I had {Read More}

liquido active wear to inspire women :: I Wear Collection


Do you feel confident and motivating in what you wear while working out?  You need to get ready to look stylish and make an impact in the limited edition I Wear line from Liquido!   I know you are going to love the message behind this line. Strength. Love. Gratitude. Kindness. Grace. Adventure. Confident and motivating, this limited edition collection was conceptualized and designed by Liquido in response to a growing demand for robust and functional fitness wear that highlights the confidence of {Read More}

mama’s milkbox :: subscription for nursing moms


I am in the process of weaning my little one, but am still nursing him some. We are expecting again (Yay!) in November, so I will be back in the search for nursing clothes then too! I have found a few brands I really like for nursing clothes, and I have definitely come across several that just don’t seem to fit right or don’t really accommodate nursing like I thought they would. Also, when you first give birth, who really {Read More}

Conni kids :: tackers :: potty training :: absorbent & waterproof briefs :: giveaway


You’ve heard me vlog and blog about Conni products this past year. They have such a great variety of comfortable and functional products for potty training or incontinence. I’ve already discretely shared some medical issues one of my kids had that caused bed wetting. That’s when we fell in love with the kids tackers absorbent and waterproof briefs. Now we have a newly potty trained 2 year old. Did you read how we tried out the 3 day potty training {Read More}

twingaroo is the perfect stuff4multiples!


I seriously love babywearing… the freedom that it affords you is priceless. I can not tell you the number of times that my little man was teething and just wanted to be held closely. As much as I would love to sit on the couch and snuggle all day, as a mother and wife that just isn’t possible all the time. Rather than trying to get something done with a little one clawing up my leg, I can just pick {Read More}

undercover mama :: make any shirt a nursing shirt :: giveaway


Breastfeeding is not an easy task for every mom. I wish I was one of those moms who it came naturally to, however my daughter had problems latching and I had supply issues and after a few months I reluctantly threw in the towel. I am determined to give it another try with my little one due next month. I wanted to share a product that really helped make nursing more comfortable for me and that I know I will use {Read More}