happy 4th of July from theSIMPLEmoms


We hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July.     Jaimethe artist :: jaime is a mama of two sweet littles. she lives life day by day and is passionate about natural living and organic products. she loves to snuggle, blog and take photos. she has an eye for design and loves to sip on wine. sunflowers cheer her up. she also loves to travel and learn. Find more of Jaime on her blog, twitter, pinterest, instagram {Read More}

funny from the fourth :: fourth of july flop from the past


When our children were very little, going to a big fireworks show on the 4th of July seemed downright exhausting–packing bug spray, head phones (mine hate loud noises), snacks (because how could one be expected to sit still without near constant snacking), blankets, drinks. And the near certainty that the evening would end in full on meltdowns at being up way. too. late. You get my point. Anyway, we decided to just do a few really basic “fireworks” at home, {Read More}

organic body suits from chickadee threads


Oh the cuteness that comes in the mail for the little one is just precious.  As you probably can tell with my latest reviews, we are due for baby #3 in December.  We have been so lucky to get some great things for her.  Yes, it’s a girl!  Let the pink explode. Let me just share with you chickadee threads today though.  But, be sure to stay tuned for other awesome baby item reviews and such.  For now let me {Read More}

it’s easy to carry your camera with tenba


As a photographer, the thing I fear the most is dropping my camera.  Oh, the horror. Being as clumsy as I am, I am surprised I haven’t dropped my camera.  I am thankful for that. With that being said, I always try to carry my camera in a carry case.  It makes me feel more secure.  I didn’t have the most secure or safe bag for my 2nd camera, so when Tenba was looking to get the word out about {Read More}

paper towns coming to theaters july 24th


You know what I love? I love hearing about movies before I see a trailer.  I love to read about it first then watch the trailer.  I like having an idea of what it is about before watching it. This is also from the author that did The Fault in our Stars. Did you see that movie? This movie will be full of mystery and romance. It will for sure keep you interested.  Love movies like this.  Just watch this {Read More}

1st week of summer break snack idea!


*I was sent Honeycomb cereal and a monetary gift to share this yummy snack with you, but all opinions are my own!* Summer break is here and so are the…’what are we going to do today’ questions. For us, the first couple weeks of summer break are crazy because we still have a lot of dance commitments. But, because we have dance commitments, that means we can’t go out of town but instead get to do little things around town. {Read More}

better baby sleep with the ollie swaddle :: coupon

TheOllieWorld_Ollie_Swaddle_Pink_Blue_Closed copy

As a veteran survivor of newborn sleep deprivation torture I knew what was coming when baby number three made his appearance. Any new parent can tell you that they will try anything that may make their little one settle down quicker, sleep longer, or even sleep at all. With this in mind I was prepared when we went to the hospital for delivery and had an Ollie Swaddle from The Ollie World packed in my bag for our new arrival. {Read More}

solemate sox will never get lost in the wash


This review is a promotion of a Kickstarter campaign. No product or monetary compensation have been exchanged for the feature of this product. All opinions are my own. How many times do you throw socks in the wash only to have them come out missing their mate? I can not tell you the number of socks that I have sitting in a laundry basket waiting for their mates to magically reappear – sometimes they do, but most of the time they {Read More}