popping a healthy snack with west bend

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logoWhat do your typical Friday night or Saturday nights look like now that school is back in?  With the busy week we always like to sit and relax with a popcorn and movie night one of those nights.

What is involved with the perfect movie night? A  movie, of course. Usually, one for the kids and then one for the adults.  We either see what’s on TV or we go to redbox.  We can always find something either way.  Next is the snacks, what is your typical movie night snack? Popcorn? Candy? Fruits and Veges? Or a whole slew of things?  We mostly always chose popcorn, because the kids love it.  We typically had always bought the pre-packaged microwave kid or already popped.  Not anymore my friends.
west bend stir crazy
We can now make as much popcorn as we want thanks to West Bend and the Stir Crazy popper. Now, that Fall and winter are here it is a perfect and easy snack for the kiddos. Plus, we make extra to send for snack time at school. My daughter is obsessed with popcorn.  She loved watching the Stir Crazy make the pop corn.  Watching it pop and pop and see the smiles made it so much more fun.

This popper is so easy to use.  All you have to do is add oil to the bottom part. I loved that you can use pretty much any oil you wanted with this machine.  We always use coconut oil so that’s what we used.  It doesn’t take much either, 3 tablespoons is all. Then, once it is heated up  you add your popcorn kernals, put the lid on, add butter to the top if you want and then watch it pop!

west bendwest bend

One batch makes enough for the whole family, but of course you can always make more.  The top can also be used as a serving bowl, so no need to dirty another bowl.  Eat it plain for a healthy snack, add butter or add your favorite toppings to spice it up.
 stir crazy
We are loving the Stir Crazy popper.  I would definitely recomend a Stir Crazy for all the popcorn lovers out there. Plus, now I can make all those fun popcorn recipes I see on pinterest.

How do you like your popcorn?  Have you made your own before? Do you own a Stir Crazy?

eating popcorn


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popping a healthy snack with west bend

What do your typical Friday night or Saturday nights look like now that school is back in?  With the busy week we always like to sit and relax with a popcorn and movie night one of those nights. What is involved with the perfect movie night? A  movie, of course. Usually, one for the kids and then […]


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