rusticly inspired wall décor for any room


I recently had a conversation with someone about what would be involved in moving, and they shared that it would be hard to move after many years of being in one place because the more comfortable you are in a place the more it feels like home. They expressed that for them it would be hard to move to a new home after walking in the same door and having each room in the same place for so long. I completely {Read More}

the ultimate gift from the root beer store #rootbeerofthemonth


Do you love root beer? Did you know that there were so many different types of root beers? I sure didn’t.  You would think they would all taste the same, but not all do. Are you looking for the ultimate gift? The culture and hobby of drinking and collecting gourmet root beer in bottles is making a comeback from generations ago, and is taking the nation by storm! Having the World’s Largest Selection of Root Beer has enabled to offer a “Variety 6-Pack Root Beer {Read More}

nuroo nursing scarf :: endless options for coverage and style


Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month! Two kids under two = lots of stuff. Every time we prepare to leave the house I feel like I’m packing for a week long vacation. You have to pack the diapers, the wipes, spare outfits, bottles, binkies, toys…the list goes on and on. I’m always looking out for products that can make my life easier and can perform double duty to lighten the load of my luggage, I mean diaper bag.  I received a few {Read More}

the real co.: single origin foods


Farm to fork.  It’s all the rage in restaurants–and for good reasons.  But when shopping at the store or online for groceries, it’s hard to know where your food actually comes from.  I can’t just stop by my local farmer’s market for rice, sugar or rock salt, but how can I know what companies are producing foods that support sustainability and offer the best health benefits for my family?  The Real Co. was founded on the principle of transparency and tracing {Read More}

mother-daughter diy decor

tana smith diy decor

At the beginning of this month, we moved into our new (to us) home. We’ve finally gotten most of the boxes emptied, and we’re just getting around the the fun part: decorating! My 8 year old daughter and I have had so much fun planning how to decorate the girls’ room. She and I both love a good craft and love to tackle DIY projects. We were recently introduced to YouTube sensation, TanaMontana10. Tana has lots of ideas that you can {Read More}

100% organic with simply chickie clothing


Onesies, sleeps sacks, hats and diapers. Oh My!  I love onesies.  They seriously are the easiest clothing item to put on your child. It keeps them warm and covers everything.  They go under an outfit for the winter and in the summer they can just sport it alone due to it being so hot. Simply Chickie has some great rompers you will want to check out. They have 100% organic cotton clothing, which is perfect for the fresh new babies. {Read More}

let your baby bounce with bounceRoo from 4 moms


Are you having a baby soon or had a baby recently and do not have everything you need yet? I could raise my hand and say yes on that one. In less then 3 months, I am going to NEED to be prepared and ready to go for this baby girl!  One of the products I really wanted to have for when she got here was a bouncer. I had one with my other two and it was fantastic.  When {Read More}

this is what my summer looked like…


What did the summer of 2015 look like? When my sweet little boy is grown and gone, I will forever remember the summer of 2015 from this one single picture. If “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, this photo perfectly embodies that phrase for me. The obvious smear of dirt and ashes across my sweet little boy’s flawless complexion makes me laugh as I remember the time it took for him to get this dirty… all of {Read More}