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Let’s just be real. I’m keeping kids alive each day, not plants. There just isn’t time for both. 🙂 However, I love a pretty yard. I have a YARD HACK I will call it. My yard looks like I care thanks to Commercial Silk. I have reviewed their products before and over a year later my fake plants are “alive” and they have had minimal fading in the hot California sun.

Most recently I added azaleas to my yard. They are always in bloom {wink wink} with some buds about to bloom. Seriously, I adore products that make my life more simplified.

commercial silk

I like to mix my Commercial Silk plants with real ground cover. It gives them a more realistic look. I also like to use them in cute pots. They are extremely convenient if you have any places in your yard that don’t get water. No worries, these plants don’t need watering. Another tip: I like to switch my Commercial Silk plants around. Sometimes they are in a pot, sometimes they are in the front yard, sometimes they are tucked around a tree. It gives the allusion that I have a yard with flowers that bloom on and off in different places. Tricky, huh?Commercial silk

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