a healing grace for a reader’s soul :: giveaway


I am a sucker for a good book. You know the one… the one that you just can’t put down. The one that you get drawn into and you loose track of time. The one that you can identify with the characters and are eager to find out more. THAT is what the Healing Grace novels do for me. I enjoy a good Christian fiction romance. It allows my mind to wander and focus on a different life. It allows {Read More}

a simple recipe :: creamy baked mac ‘n’ cheese


I love finding good recipes that can easily be doubled, altered, and made ahead. I also love good comfort food, usually in the fall, but really any time of year. My sister shared with me her go to macaroni and cheese recipe after we had tried a couple new ones, and I immediately realized I didn’t need to try any more. I made this in the spring for a party of about 60 people, and loved that it was very {Read More}

grout genie :: grout + tile pads that fit swiffer wetjet mops :: giveaway

grout genie

One of my least favorite household tasks has to be cleaning my kitchen floors. I have big off white ceramic tiles with black grout. Not black because it’s dirty, but that’s the color the previous owner used. I have noticed that when I clean the floor with my wetjet, the grout isn’t getting scrubbed. The bubbles from the spray pools up in between the tiles leaving a film. The dirt also collects in the grout leaving them dirtier. It’s a frustrating {Read More}

switch up your summer menu with hello fresh


Is anyone else finding themselves scrambling for dinner ideas this summer? During the school year, I’m pretty organized with dinner menu plans and grocery shopping but that all seems to fly out the window in the summer. By the time we get home from all of our activities, I realize that in my grocery run (with three kids in tow who all want to be anywhere but the grocery store), I managed to pick up juice pops, hamburger patties and tons of {Read More}

*fall* in love with these two new children’s books!


I’ve kind of dug my heels in, trying to slow down time this Summer but, much to my dismay, Fall seems to be coming our way full force! Everywhere I turn, I’m seeing, hearing and reading signs of Fall’s arrival. Namely, “Back To School” chatter and “Elections” news. Despite how you might feel about either of these topics, the closer we get to fall, the more they will fill the space around us in news headlines, email blasts, mailers, and {Read More}

manhattan sundown meets michigan sunset

Ethos Babywearing

Babywearing has been such an integral part of my life for the past two years. My son just didn’t like to sleep as a newborn. My husband will attest to the fact that the first day of his life, our son was awake for almost 24 hours. This great big world was waiting for him to explore and he didn’t want to miss a minute of it! Unfortunately, newborns DO need sleep, so this mama spent countless hours coercing her {Read More}

exotic fabrics. refreshing fashion from #fricaine :: giveaway


Have you ever found a bag that truly sets you apart from the others when you carry it?  I have found this company that makes a the most unique and exotic bags. Fricaine is a celebration of humanity and the special fabrics that are essential parts of identities worldwide. We provide high quality fashion products from globally-sourced exotic fabrics that accentuate the tastes and preferences of our customers. Our portfolio of products is nurtured by expansive global travel – in {Read More}

tumbling timbers :: giant jenga yard game


It’s nearing the end of July, and it’s been a beautiful summer for us! We’ve had lovely warm days, and perfect cool evenings! There is so much about summer that I love, but one of my favorites is getting together with friends to grill or to sit around a bonfire! We have had many perfect nights for that this year, and have tried to take advantage of time with family and friends. There are a lot of yard games out {Read More}