discreet nursing dress from milk :: review + giveaway


< I remember getting advice shortly after having my son about thinking about what you are wearing when you are going to be out for the day if you plan to nurse.  I also remember hearing a story from a friend about her first time out to church for the morning with her new baby.  She left the service and headed into the nursery to feed her little one and then realized the top of the dress surely didn’t have {Read More}

beat winter boredom with bramblebox props :: review


While it’s technically sunny out (for the first time in a long time), it’s still so cold and there’s no chance of the snow melting anytime soon. I’m going to go ahead and say that March is coming in like a lion. A lion that went ahead and started way back in November and hasn’t let up since. While I’m dreaming of sunshine and beaches, my reality is record-breaking cold, lots of snow and a few snow days. We try {Read More}

protect yourself from the inevitable with burpshawls from burp necessity :: review

Burp Necessity featured image

As some of you may know, and honestly I’m not sure that I’ve made this big announcement yet for our theSIMPLEmoms readers, my family is excitedly looking forward to the arrival of our newest addition in just 11 short weeks! Yep, Baby #3 is due at the end of May and I find myself in the position of creating a whole new nursery after we had sold, donated, or given away every single baby item we had owned. Oops! On {Read More}

mama’s jewelry princess pendant :: review + giveaway


Although Mother’s Day might seem far into the distant future, there’s less than 10 weeks until it’s here (May 20th). I don’t know about your husband, but sometimes it takes several months of me hinting at a gift I would like for him to catch on. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter I knew I wanted a piece of Mother’s jewelry. In case you’re not familiar with that term, Mother’s jewelry is jewelry designed {Read More}

a friend in need, a time to pray. an update…

caitlin mae faber via anne jansen

The first post, yesterday, has had an update. This family NEEDS a miracle. For those that are following along and wishing them well, praying for them, I wanted to update you. Since I posted yesterday, there have been two updates to Caitlin’s Care Page. In order to read these yourself, you have to have an account with Care Page and be signed in. Kinda complicated, but once in, it’s a great site to keep up to date on loved ones. {Read More}

need a notebook? we gotcha covered :: review

gotcha covered

I have a slight (read: not so slight) fascination with paper. I like all the different types of paper, weights of paper, feels of paper, finishes of paper. I’m also a sucker for a good notebook. A nice, sturdy cover with good, heavy paper? And personalize it, too? I’m so in. My kids certainly take after their mother. We’re those people who wait for all the school supplies to go on sale and then scour the shelves for our favorites. {Read More}

neck ties and “beau ties” :: review + giveaway


My husband’s job used to require him to wear a tie every day to work.  He no longer wears one every day, but it’s still nice to get a new tie for the occasion he needs one.  Beau Ties Ltd. is a company from Vermont that makes handcrafted ties. They carry a variety of styles and sizes for little ones or adults.  Bow ties, neckties, and more are offered through their site. They currently have a great selection of green ties {Read More}

a friend in need, a time to pray.

caitlin mae faber via anne jansen

One of the biggest blessings that has come to me though this blog is the ability to spread the word. Most times it’s about fabulous items, products, fun times, media events, and the such. But every now and then, we have information about a cause. What a phenomenal opportunity to be able to quickly spread the word with wonderful readers, such as you all. Today, that’s what I have for you. I have a friend in need. Desperate need for {Read More}

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