mother-daughter diy decor

tana smith diy decor

At the beginning of this month, we moved into our new (to us) home. We’ve finally gotten most of the boxes emptied, and we’re just getting around the the fun part: decorating! My 8 year old daughter and I have had so much fun planning how to decorate the girls’ room. She and I both love a good craft and love to tackle DIY projects. We were recently introduced to YouTube sensation, TanaMontana10. Tana has lots of ideas that you can {Read More}

100% organic with simply chickie clothing


Onesies, sleeps sacks, hats and diapers. Oh My!  I love onesies.  They seriously are the easiest clothing item to put on your child. It keeps them warm and covers everything.  They go under an outfit for the winter and in the summer they can just sport it alone due to it being so hot. Simply Chickie has some great rompers you will want to check out. They have 100% organic cotton clothing, which is perfect for the fresh new babies. {Read More}

let your baby bounce with bounceRoo from 4 moms


Are you having a baby soon or had a baby recently and do not have everything you need yet? I could raise my hand and say yes on that one. In less then 3 months, I am going to NEED to be prepared and ready to go for this baby girl!  One of the products I really wanted to have for when she got here was a bouncer. I had one with my other two and it was fantastic.  When {Read More}

this is what my summer looked like…


What did the summer of 2015 look like? When my sweet little boy is grown and gone, I will forever remember the summer of 2015 from this one single picture. If “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, this photo perfectly embodies that phrase for me. The obvious smear of dirt and ashes across my sweet little boy’s flawless complexion makes me laugh as I remember the time it took for him to get this dirty… all of {Read More}

keeping baby dry with bananas boutique bibs :: giveaway


With a little guy at home and another one on the way, bibs are a must around the house. Some days it’s to help with messy food, but sometimes during those teething days, the bibs are just to help catch the drool. I do not use them at every meal or have my little guy wear one all the time, but sometimes they are just what we need to keep a shirt clean or keep my little guy dry! I {Read More}

what are YOU snacking on?

Grapes from Mexico 1

“I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Grapes from Mexico. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” “Mom, I LOVE grapes…they are SOOOO yummy!!” It’s a daily thing here. I bought a bag of grapes yesterday and today they were gone. Like, none left! I think grapes, like those from Grapes of Mexico, are a fresh, healthy and an easy option for you and the kiddos! Did you know that {Read More}

lugabug :: compact seat that attaches to your suitcase :: travel without a stroller :: review + giveaway

lugabug featured image

Travel credentials: We are self-proclaimed, travelling with children, flying professionals. We fly 2x a year with all 3 of our kids. My husband made a deal with my mom when we got married that he would bring me “home” to Michigan for regular visits. From the moment we started dating, my mom was super concerned because he was from the far, far away land of California. He’s a very good man and has held up his end of the deal. As we just celebrated our {Read More}

wildkin :: the perfect backpack for any situation


It seems like every few years, we need to update backpacks.  In preschool, a small backpack could carry a change of clothes and the few papers that would come to and from school. By elementary school, a larger backpack is needed to carry a lunch box, snack bag, gym shoes, folders and a book or two.  As kids get older, they may need to transport laptops or tablets to school along with larger textbooks.  The capacity just keeps getting bigger! {Read More}