security and comfort with the sleep belt :: review & giveaway


Let’s face it… Sometimes the ONLY way we can get our little one to sleep is by holding them. I know there are so many different thoughts on how you should teach your child to sleep, but when you are a sleep deprived new mommy you go into survival mode. I know I’ve spent MANY days enjoying an indulgent (and much needed!) rest with my baby. Besides, they are only little once Thanks to the Sleep Belt, you are able {Read More}

encourage kindness this easter with lollipop seeds :: review

Does it seem like Easter has become overly an overly commercial holiday? For weeks now, all of the grocery stores have their center aisles stocked with toys, sweet treats, and Easter baskets piled up to the ceiling. Now don’t get me wrong, we love a good Easter Egg Hunt and we totally do the Easter basket thing. But as my kids get older, I want to make sure the MESSAGE of Easter doesn’t get lost in all of the physical {Read More}

milksplash :: get kids to drink milk :: iced mocha recipe :: review + giveaway

milksplash fb giveaway featured image

We have never had a problem with our kids liking milk, but I know it’s a very real struggle parents face if their kids don’t care for it. MilkSplash might be the flavoring they need to enjoy a tall glass of milk. We were able to try the strawberry and chocolate flavoring. One squirt is ZERO calories! No mom guilt for sugaring up their glass of milk. Don’t judge me, but we start our day with chocolate milk. I’ve made {Read More}

your team. your gear. your way. prep sportswear :: review


Now that your kids are in school, do you like to show your school some spirit? I have just the place for you to get it at. Prep Sportswear! Prep Sportswear carries all the sportswear for you to cheer on your school.  They even have college and professional sports teams that you can wear.  What I love best is that you can customize the items to fit your needs.  They have so many options to choose from. They have a {Read More}

cradle & thread :: spring colors :: review + coupon + giveaway

body suit

  I don’t know about you, but babies just look the best in spring colors, no?! My 2 big girls were born in the spring so I spent the greater part of their first half year dressing them up in fun spring and summer colors! My newest addition, was born the last week of August and she has spent the greater part of the first half year of her life all bundled up and *inside*. It has been incredible to {Read More}

stories of animals and friendship from sleeping bear press :: review

I Love You Just Enough cover small

I just love sharing Sleeping Bear Press books with our readers and was excited when I noticed that three of the books I have on hand to share had a couple themes to them. It wasn’t very hard to figure out that all three books were about animals. Honestly, all we had to do was look at the cover art to figure that one out. But while reading the books my girls and I were pleasantly surprised to discover that {Read More}

see the city and save with CityPASS :: review


Last week my kids and I had a chance to go to Atlanta for a few days. We were hoping to go to the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola and after looking at our options, I realized that CityPASS could save us quite a bit of money. CityPASS booklets are a pre-paid set of tickets to some of the top tourist attractions in some of the largest cities in North America. Each CityPASS booklet contains easy-to-use tickets that {Read More}

be the envy of expecting mothers with envie de fraises :: review + giveaway

Envie de Fraises logo

Who says you can’t look fabulous throughout your pregnancy? With Envie de Fraises it is easy to stay stylish and trendy while sporting that baby bump! Don’t hide that cute belly… compliment it. I know during my pregnancy, I was always on the lookout for fashionable maternity clothing that would fit me well while at the same time keep me comfortable. It’s a certainty that the further you get in your pregnancy, comfort becomes even more of a necessity! Envie {Read More}

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