a friend in need, a time to pray.

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One of the biggest blessings that has come to me though this blog is the ability to spread the word. Most times it’s about fabulous items, products, fun times, media events, and the such. But every now and then, we have information about a cause. What a phenomenal opportunity to be able to quickly spread the word with wonderful readers, such as you all. Today, that’s what I have for you. I have a friend in need. Desperate need for {Read More}

conni kids :: absorbent bed pad :: bed wetting must have :: vlog

conni kids featured

I can’t say enough wonderful things about the products that Conni has to offer. HERE are a few posts if you want to catch up on what we’ve been reviewing from this company. Enjoy the video blog (vlog) post I’ve put together below! connect with Conni Kids :: Like them on Facebook Follow them on Twitter underwear :: $15.99-$16.99 bed pad :: $47.99-$53.99 Ginnythe penny pincher :: ginny is better known as jack, annabelle, and charlie’s mom, josh’s wife, or church secretary. she {Read More}

omg nail strips :: review

peacock nail polish strips-150x150

I remember my first manicure. Sitting in the chair, soaking my hands and picking out my color. Not that long ago, that’s all it really was. It was fun, but something I felt that I could pretty much do myself. Now there are so many choices of color, style and fancy design. No way could I do that–for myself or my daughter. Plus adding up the cost of fancy nails just doesn’t work for my budget. OMGNailStrips are striving to {Read More}

pick it up now, sofia the first: the curse of princess ivy :: review + activities

Sofia The First The Curse Of Princess Ivy  Cover Art

You ever have those days where you just want to sit around and do nothing? I have been having those a LOT lately. It means I’m not getting a whole lot done, but I have been sitting around with my kids. And THAT part is fun. About a week ago we received a DVD that was filled with Sofia the First goodies. My 3-year old was pumped!! So was I as Sofia the First is one of my favorites! I {Read More}

a gorgeous, sturdy and affordable crib :: review


When you find out you are expecting, after all the excitement…shock…etc. wears off, you start thinking about the reality of the situation. For starters, one of the first things you think about is most likely diapers, cute clothes and where the baby will sleep. One of our first purchases when we found out we were expecting was a crib. However, at the time, we didn’t have a lot of money. So, we went for a safe, used crib. It did {Read More}

get your morning started with lifeway kefir and oats :: review


“Mom, I’m hungry!” or “Mom, I want a snack!”  Do you hear those all day long?  I feel like my kids are always hungry. ALWAYS!  And get this…I do feed them every meal!  Oh to be a kid again. I’m not sure where they keep all this food but you have to get creative on what you feed them and how often.  Seems like it’s 6 times a day these days.  With 3 meals and 3 snacks, these kids should {Read More}

winter isn’t giving up and neither is the showstopper mitten! :: review


I have high hopes for March. After a bitter cold January and February that seemed like they would never end, I just want temperatures above freezing and to see the sun again. And, if March would like to melt all this snow, well I wouldn’t be arguing with that at all! But I’ve also lived in the MidWest long enough to know that just because March marks the start of Spring, we can still experience plenty of Winter weather! This {Read More}

iCustom label… do you? :: review

icustom label

I love special occasions. This is my chance to let my creative juices flow! Taking the extra time and effort to make a birthday party special for my little man is just as much for me as it is for him… besides, he’s only two and like any two year old, they don’t appreciate the time that goes into all those little details. But I will remember them, and that makes it all worth it! iCustom Label makes those little {Read More}

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