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wearing bogs footwear and keeping their feet warm

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How’s the weather where you are? We are preparing for for a winter storm over here. We are all set with out snow gear and thankful for our BOGS footwear to keep our feet toasty and warm. Now, I know I have shared this brand with you before.  Guess what? We are still in love with brand and always will be.bogs footwear
You are going to fall in love with the new line of fun designs from Bogs Footwear.  My favorite is the new ones my middle child got. They are so cute and stylish, yet she can wear them with her snow pants. They are seriously the best boots you could ever buy. I have never heard anyone complain about them or have trouble with them.

bogs footwearbogs footwearbogs footwear
Get this….Their guarantee is amazing!

Their goal is to make you happy and make you a BOGS° customer for life. They stand behind every pair of BOGS° they sell and want you to feel confident in your purchase. While they can’t guarantee BOGS° will never wear out, they do guarantee their product is free from workmanship and material defects 1 year from the date of purchase.
bogs footwear

Are you prepared for a winter storm? How do you prepare?

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