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vacation fun at legoland florida

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My family and I just got back from a week in Florida. It was the perfect getaway in February and we came back knowing there can’t be too much more winter…right? A girl can dream!

We stayed in the Orlando area but were excited to see that Legoland Florida wasn’t too far away and we were easily able to make a day trip of it. In fact, Legoland is really easy to get to from so many areas in Florida since it’s right in the middle of the state, between Tampa and Orlando. We were looking for something fun for all of our kids–ages 5, 9 and 11–and Legoland seemed to have something for everyone.

Rides — Our three kids each have different speeds when it comes to rides.  Our oldest is the daredevil, our middle likes most rides but does get motion sickness and our youngest likes to keep things very calm.  We were surprised to see that there were rides for all of them at Legoland!  Our oldest loved Mia’s Riding Adventure in the Lego Friends area, my youngest was into the tractor and train in the Duplo area and our middle loved The Dragon.  We were there on a Saturday but the lines were still reasonable–of the three above, we only had a wait for The Dragon.

Activities–As you might expect, there are lots of Legos.  We loved that there was a large indoor area with Legos as well as Lego video games and an area to meet characters.  It was great to have this indoor space to relax and would especially come in handy on a rainy, hot or cold day.  There were other activities throughout the park–my kids especially loved the Ninjago challenges like Jay’s Lightning Drill.

Lego Creations–Of course, all over the park are amazing Lego creations.  My kids especially loved the Lego characters, Albert Einstein and a soccer-playing giraffe.

Shows–I was shocked to find out that Legoland puts on a super cool water ski show.  From wake boarding to water skiing to boating to pirates, the show was pretty spectacular.  It was the perfect break from rides and was my favorite part of the day.  We also got a kick out of watching the 4D movie at the Wells Fargo 4D theater.  The show times for both shows were all posted so it was easy to plan our day around which shows we wanted to see.

Minifigure Trading–We didn’t know about this ahead of time but it was one of the highlights for my 11-year-old daughter.  You can buy or bring in your own complete minifigures and trade them with the Model Citizens around the park.  We bought minifigures at one of the gift shops in Legoland for $4 so the prices are comparable to minifigure prices elsewhere.  It was so fun to look at the minifigures on nametags and check the minifigure board.  Next time we will come prepared with more minifigures to trade as that was such a fun bonus activity!

All in all, it was a great way to spend a day in Florida and got a thumbs up from all of our kids!

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