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set your life up for success :: avoid addictions

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Addictions can be avoided.   Set your self up to succeed with avoiding those things that you might be addicted to.

  • Addicted to social media – Take apps off your phone! Only put the apps on your phone that you know you NEED and not the ones that you will just aimlessly scroll in and waste time. Be productive with what you are doing on your phone or tablet.  Also, set aside a short time each day to be able to do those things, so it doesn’t feel like you are depriving yourself.
  • If you are on a diet, don’t go to a buffet. Set up some meal planning on Sunday’s. This will help you with organized meals and not just randomly trying to hurry and find and prepare your next meal.  IF you plan it out, that helps with straying from your menu.
  • If you struggle with alcohol, find alcohol free activities such as specific traveling destinations.  Vacations are always fun and relaxing, take the time to research where you are planning on going and what activities they have to avoid those addictions and stay on track.

Always be prepared for the unexpected, but always prepare yourself to succeed.
set time aside for your social media

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