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Now, I do realize Christmas has passed but I wanted to share some great ideas for next year.  Well wait, these are great ideas for any occasion needing a gift.  One place to get gifts is at UncommonGoods.com. It’s where gifts are not so common.  I love the unique and fun vibe they have.  They have all types of gift for everyone in the family.

You can scroll for days and still not see everything at Uncommon Goods.  What I love is that there is a wide variety of prices ranges and you can shop by that.  Need to stay within a certain price point, just search it.  I wanted to share the not so common gifts we got for family, friends and my kids.

This pixlplay camera is the best thing ever according to my 7 year old daughter.  She loves that she can take photos with a REAL camera, like her photographer mama.  I love that you can use your old phones for fun things like this!
UncommonGoods Pixelplay
Socks are always a fun gift to give. The first pair looked like the prfect gift for one of my friends at work so I had to get them for her. She loved them. And my daughter is a huge lover of cheese, so you get cheesy socks.

UncommonGoods sockscheesy socks - uncommon goods
We gave, dad, the on the rocks set for Christmas. Do you serve your drinks on the rocks? like actual rocks!?  with these granite discs gathered from New England beaches you can! Simply chill the set. Drop two stones in 1 to 2 oz. of fine spirits, let stand for five minutes and enjoy. Set of six comes in a convenient hardwood tray for easy freezing and serving, with two tumblers to boot!
on the rocks set uncommon goods

Now, I just want to give you a variety of items that we got. But you can head over to uncommon goods and find out about all of these items. They are just super fun.

I couldn’t leave out the hubby, so I got him a couple things I thought he would like.  Okay so he helped pick them out. I wanted to make sure he would like them.  That’s the easiest way to do it.  So I got a sling beverage carrier and a kabob grilling basket.  Is that a yoga mat on your back? Going fly fishing? Nope–it’s a cleverly concealed, portable party cooler!  Way to fun of a way to carry them.  You can enjoy perfectly cooked kabobs with these kabob baskets. They are made from steel wire and topped with a rosewood handle, each basket allows you to prepare separate dishes for vegetarians, or to suit the preference of each guest. There’s no need to use a skewer, and the basket design makes for easy flipping.

basket uncommon goodssling carrier uncommon goods
Another great idea for gifting would be for anniversary and weddings.  The perfect gift for the couple starting off in their new home.

Stop searching the common stores and check out UncommonGoods.com for you next gifting needs!

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