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first time at a monster energy supercross event :: feld entertainment

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As we geared up (pun intended) to go to our first Supercross event, I realized how little I know about the sport. My only experience with dirt bikes was from my childhood when I would ride around our property. The kids knew less then I did so we turned to YouTube and found ourselves quite captivated with the Go-Pro views of the racer’s perspective.
first time tips for a supercross event
I like to be prepared for outings with our family. More then just wet wipes and snacks in my purse. I found THIS website to be very interesting and informative. We read it on our way and while we weren’t experts, we at least knew what all the flag colors meant, how physically intense the sport is on the riders, what WHOOP’S are, the classes of bikes (250 and 450), why the riders let go in the air, what is a tear away, etc. I felt like we got more out of the event because we did a little homework before we arrived. Of course it made us more excited for the day as well.

The event began at 3:30. Here’s how little I knew…was there just one race? I was feeling nervous because the parking lot was full and we had to walk a long way to the stadium. Will Call took a while, we had to wait to get through security, and around 4:15 we found our seats. You should plan to arrive earlier then we did, but don’t stress if you’re running late.

So is there more then one race? Oh my yes! There are multiple qualifying races before the MAIN event. These races are shorter. There are breaks between races to refurbish the track. While the races are fast paced, the event lasted 3+ hours. The MAIN event is obviously the most anticipated race. They saved the blasts of fire for the end and the crowd was really warmed up for the final races. There are 2 MAIN event races. One for each class and the race is longer…about 20 minutes. Check out the highlights in the video below. There are so many variables that anyone could pull through as a winner and the best can get claimed by a mistake or the track.

Our kids are 10, 8, and 4. I wasn’t sure if the noise would bother them. We did bring ear plugs and most of us wore them. It’s the loudest when the racers are at the gate firing up their bikes. Then you kind of get used to the race noise as they zoom by. This post isn’t sponsored by Mack’s earplugs, but we do like this particular brand. The wax is easy to make a suitable size for all ears.


We had an enjoyable experience at the race. We will certainly stop to watch more races on TV this coming year. We want to see if our favorites from today continue to do well. The fans in our section were very nice. You could tell they really loved the sport and wanted us to like it too. I would encourage you to grab tickets if the Monster Energy Supercross is in your neck of the woods. HERE is the schedule.

I would say our family was just the right age to experience the Supercross for the first time. Everyone was old enough to handle the noise level and it mostly kept everyone’s attention. (Our youngest got hungry and couldn’t stop thinking about the snow cones and our daughter lost interest during the second hour because she was thirsty). When the main event began we were all refocused. This particular race had many changes in who was leading and that kept it extra interesting. We saw a few crashes, but thankfully nobody was hurt. Overall, it was a really wonderful day out as a family. Thank you to Feld Entertainment for putting on a great event.

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  • Reply
    John Polidoro
    February 5, 2018 at 8:38 pm

    Great article Ginny! Excellent recap and very helpful for someone going to Supercross for the first time. Glad you and your family had fun! Hope to see at the races again soon.
    Note: All of the racers you saw at the Supercross race will be competing on an outdoor, natural terrain track just outside of Sacramento at the Hangtown Motocross National on May 19th.

    • Reply
      February 5, 2018 at 9:05 pm

      Thanks John! So glad you found the post. Thanks for the link to the Hangtown event. I appreciated your enthusiasm for the sport and for filling in a newbie as we watched. We had a great time for sure.

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