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farmhouse cleaning :: the many uses of white vinegar

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With three kids in the house I try to use as many natural products as I can. I have much better things to do than worry about little hands getting in to harmful chemicals and with limited shelf space I greatly appreciate products that can multitask. It’s no wonder that I love using white vinegar for so many different tasks around the house and I thought I’d share them with all of you…

farmhouse cleaning the many uses of white vinegar on the simple moms

Cleaning :: 1) White vinegar and baking soda are my go to items for cleaning our tub and sinks. I just scrub with water and baking soda and then add white vinegar and scrub again. This has actually worked better than any other cleaner I tried for reducing rust stains! 2) If you prefer a more fragrant cleaner, HERE is a recipe another SIMPLE mom has shared for making a homemade white vinegar citrus cleaning spray.

Unclogging drains :: When gunk builds up you can do a little science fair volcano in the drain by packing it with baking soda and then slowly adding in white vinegar.

Laundry :: 1) Instead of fabric softener use white vinegar to soften your clothes – just pour it in the liquid fabric softener disposal of your machine. This is especially good for towels because they are more absorbent when you don’t use fabric softener. 2) Pour a cup in with your soap to freshen a forgotten load that was left in the washer for too long. 3) Add a cup to the soap dispenser when washing new items. It helps lock the dye in to the fabrics and helps prevent the colors from bleeding on to other items. 4) To clean your washing machine. Our model has a designated wash load and I just use white vinegar instead of those special (and expensive) cleaning products. You can follow SIMPLE mom Ginny’s directions HERE for an alternate method that includes white vinegar.

the many uses of white vinegar on the simple moms

Weeds :: White vinegar is a highly effective weed killer that is safe to use around pets and children. It is best used in a spray bottle and you must be cautious when using it near other plants because it is HIGHLY effective. I prefer to use it in areas there are no other plants. If you would like more details check this post from SIMPLE mom Jaime on how to control weeds with natural methods.

Kitchen :: 1) The most inexpensive and easy to use fruit and veggie wash that is also effective! HERE is a recipe from a fellow SIMPLE mom for the fruit and veggie wash. 2) Warm water and a small amount of white vinegar is the most effective way to descale water kettles and humidifiers. Fill over any scaling and let it soak for a couple hours.

What ways do you use white vinegar in your house?

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