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cool cursive flashcard game

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disclaimer no giveawayDo you remember how exciting it was when you FINALLY got to learn cursive? I recall feeling quite important once I knew how to write in cursive and I was enamored with neat penmanship. There’s also something to being able to read in cursive. You can finally read that card from grandma that is written in beautiful cursive.

Cool Cursive is a flashcard game by ABC and Up that is not only educational, but fun too! This is a great game for your game closet at home OR it would be a wonderful addition to rainy day indoor recess at school. Teachers, parents, and kids can enjoy this game together.
cool cursive flashcard game
There is no writing in this game, it’s actually a flashcard or matching type game. Your goal is to match 4 cards of the same letter, but they will all be written in either script, block, UPPER, or lower case. Vowels can be matched as well. The instructions were easy to follow with easy concepts for ages 7+. My 4 year old is learning his letters right now so he played on my team. He would help me identify the printed letters to make my matches of 4.

Make America Write AgainThe game takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. You can play with 2-4 people. I appreciated the nicely made box that the game came in as well as the pouch to hold the cards. You know how messy game closets can get when stored games spill or get put away poorly. This game stays together nicely.

The object of the game is to get the most matches. Kids will learn to identify their cursive letters and get more visually comfortable with cursive letters the more they play. You know how moms sneak veggies into meals? This game is sneaking learning into fun!

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