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5 easy tips for pairing wine with food

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Does your self-care routine include taking the time to enjoy some grown-up activities? Even if you don’t have the resources for a weekend away at the spa or a night on the town, you can make your normal weekday night seem a little more sophisticated with a glass of really good wine. You may think learning to pair wine with food requires years of training and investing in expensive vintages. If you’re not quite ready for that kind of commitment, you can study some quick tips to learn how to make a nice bottle of wine elevate a home-cooked meal into an indulgent experience. Here are five easy ways to enjoy food and wine pairings at home.

  1. Learn the Basics – While there are endless nuances to study about food and wine pairings, it’s fairly simple to learn the basic rules. For example, bubbly wine is great for celebrations and pairs well with salty foods. White wines generally work well with fish, whereas most experts recommend red wine with beef. A chilled rosé is a great choice for a warm summer evening.
  2. Go With Your Preferences – While learning the basic rules is a good start, you shouldn’t feel limited by them. The most important thing to remember when pairing food with wine is to choose the flavors you enjoy. Take the time to try some pairing recommendations, but don’t be afraid to go against the “rules” if that’s what you prefer.
  3. Invest in Good Tools – While you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a bottle of wine, you may want to invest in some high-quality wine accessories. Having some good tools on hand can make enjoying wine at home even better. A reliable opener, a pretty decanter, and some effective bottle stoppers are excellent additions to your home bar.
  4. Try New Things – Once you’ve tried a few of the wine-pairing rules and determined what you like, it can be easy to pick the same bottle off the shelf over and over. However, it can be nice to take a chance on trying something different. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite! See if you can find a local wine tasting for your next date night.
  5. Create a Routine – Do you want to include food and wine pairings the next time you have friends or family over for dinner? One way to make it easy is to choose a couple favorite bottles to keep on hand as your “house” wines. Having a few bottles of the best cabernet sauvignon and your favorite white wine on hand means you can be ready even for spur-of-the-moment meals.

Pairing wine with food enhances the flavor of both and can make any meal feel more exciting. Whether you are choosing a special bottle to share with friends or simply want to make a dinner of boxed mac ‘n’ cheese feel more grown-up, learning which types of wine you enjoy with certain foods can make the experience even better.

Investing in a few good tools and keeping a couple bottles of your favorite selections on hand ensure you can easily enjoy a glass of wine whenever you like.

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