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Kids always seem to be hungry! It seems that about 15 minutes after we finish any meal they are asking, “Can we have a snack?” We have a pretty good routine when we are at home or out and about near our house for meals and snacks, but when we are on the road traveling a lot, making sure we have healthy meals and snacks can get a little harder.
We spent a couple weeks traveling to visit family over Christmas and New Years! We loved the time with family, and all of us enjoyed the road trip part too! When we got ready to head out to any of our destinations, we tried to be really intentional with what got packed in the back seat of the car for toys, books, snacks, drinks, and other things to do!

One of the best snacks of the trip were our Slammers Snacks! These little pouches packed with good ingredients like sweet potatoes, acai, and yumberries were easy to pack, mess free, and full of good fruits and vegetables for our kids! They quickly became my daughter’s go to snack whenever we were hungry on the road. It’s so easy to stop and pick up things from the convenience stores when you stop while you’re driving, but most of those snacks are filled with sugar and artificial flavors! I loved knowing we had a healthy option that was still something our kids loved and wanted to eat! My favorite one was the Pomegranate Grape Crush that also had 7 grams of protein. This will be one we always keep on hand as I love to have protein snacks for my kids to help keep them full with good things!

We are looking forward to a great year ahead with lots more fun trips and adventures to come! We love having good options for keeping our kids fueled without the extra sugar! Pack them in lunches, keep them handy for travel, or have them ready for kids getting done with practice! Slammers Snacks are a huge hit with kids and parents!

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