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squeaking around in her mooshu trainers

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Are you ready for 2018? Do you have your resolutions set? Or did you say just forget about it? My resolution is to find the most adorable shoes for my kids to share with you. So guess what? I did just that and I wanted to share with you this fun brand called Mooshu Trainers.
mooshu trainers

As parents, we chose Mooshu Trainers for our own children because we wanted their first shoes to be well-constructed with quality materials, and be designed to promote proper gait when learning to walk, run, dance and skip. Of course, we wanted them to be cute, too.

I have to admit I have a little obsession with shoes for my kids. I definitely want to make sure I have enough and their feet are well supported.  Having these little feet run around with squeaky shoes on just makes me smile.  Yes the shoes squeak when they walk. How fun is that?  At first my daughter heard it and she stopped in her tracks because she was very unsure of what was happening.  It was too funny.  She actually didn’t even want to walk after that.  Eventually, she thought they were great and was running around.

mooshu trainersmooshu trainers
You can feel the warmth with this cozy moccasin fringe boot.  They are easy to put on and are so fashionable.  I just love the fringe part. Now, let’s talk about the bold hot pink boots. Let’s embrace the cooler weather with this hip little ankle boot. Your little one will be the talk of the playground! These boots offer comfort, fun and a side of adventure. Let’s go play outside!
mooshu trainers

What type of boots or fashion do you like for you child? Would these be something they would like? Tell me what you like the most?

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