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snowman ice cream winter themed treat

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kid friendly recipeI combined a few Pinterest ideas to come up with this winter themed treat. Our church had a January gathering and I was in charge of the dessert. I love clever treats. I also like to create foods that taste good and are easy to serve. We made 40+ snowmen so it became a tiny bit tedious to assemble, but if you have some helping hands it goes smoothly.


  • clear plastic cups
  • 1 gallon tub of vanilla ice cream {snowman body}
  • pretzel sticks {snowman arms}
  • mini chocolate chips {snowman face and buttons}
  • orange starburst {“carrot” nose}
  • thin oreos {hat brim}
  • rolos {top of hat}

{Snowman BODY} Scoop two ice cream balls into each cup. The top ball can be a tiny bit smaller. I was only able to work on 3-4 snowmen at a time because they were melting too quickly to assemble. Add mini chocolate chips as the buttons down the front and pretzels for the arms. You may find it easier to do this before adding the top scoop of ice cream.

{Snowman FACE} Add mini chocolate chips to form a smile and eyes. Unwrap an orange starburst and cut slivers to use for noses.

{Snowman HAT} Top your cute ice cream snowman with a Oreo thin cookie. Dip and unwrapped rolo (or peanut butter cup) into melted ice cream on the lid of the container and secure to oreo to create the hat.

Put snowmen back in freezer to harden until ready to serve. You may also want to searched “melted snowmen” on Pinterest for more cute ideas.

 Do you want to build a snowman?build a snowman

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