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raising readers :: 1000 books before kindergarten + sleeping bear press finds

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For longer than I care to admit my youngest has had ZERO interest in books. We would read about one page of a board book to him and he would be done – off to chase the next moving and doing activity. In spite of his lack of interest our family has continued to attempt to interest him in books and listening to us read to him and it has finally paid off! We have a 2.5 year old who actually has an interest in listening to his parents, big sisters, and grandparents read him books!

Mommy Loves You book from Sleeping Bear Press on The SIMPLE Moms

Part of why we have been so persistent in getting him interested in books is because we know that kids who are read too have many life long benefits. To help enforce this our local library started participating in the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program. You can check if for a local program on their website or use the resources there to help do the program yourself from home.

Since the littlest member of our family is finally interested in listening to a entire book at once (and sometimes that same book 5 times in a row) all of our family has been stepping in and reading to him whenever he wants to listen. Of course, in an effort to keep our sanity we have continued to check out new books from our local library and add some new titles to our shelves. I mean, there are only so many times I can read about monkeys jumping on beds in a row before my mind goes numb.

Invisible Lizard from Sleeping Bear Press on The SIMPLE Moms

If you’re also trying to raise little readers, here are some fun reads from our friends at Sleeping Bear Press that are short enough for the younger readers but will still interest those lower elementary kiddos.

Mommy Loves You written by Helen Foster James and illustrated by Petra Brown. This is another great book from this duo about a mother’s love. My little mover and shaker will happily sit in my lap as I read to him and we enjoy the cute bunny illustrations. For ages 0-4

Mommy Loves You

Invisible Lizard written by Kurt Cyrus and illustrated by Andy Atkins. The bright and engaging illustrations are the perfect accompaniment for this story about Napoleon the Chameleon who just wants to be seen. For ages 4-7 (but even my 10 year old enjoys reading this one!)

Invisible Lizard cover

Mr. Goat’s Valentine written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Kevin Zimmer. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this is a fun book to help get you in the mood. As soon as Mr. Goat realizes that it is Valentine’s Day he sets out to show his appreciation to his first love. Mr. Goat has some interesting selections to share with his first love and kids will enjoy seeing the surprising choices. For ages 4-7

Mr. Goat's Valentine cover

I hope these help add some fun to your bookshelves!

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