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put your old fabric scraps to work :: 4 fun DIY craft projects

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If you love to sew and make other fabric crafts, chances are you have a box or wicker hamper full of leftover fabric. Whether you enjoy making clothing, stuffed animals for your kids or grandkids, curtains, or other projects, you might have many different types of fabric scraps on hand and have held onto them to avoid being wasteful. However, there are several different fun and creative do-it-yourself fabric projects you can create with your leftover sewing scraps, from household décor and gifts to unique and attractive storage solutions.

put your old fabric scraps to work :: 4 fun DIY craft projects



  1. Monogrammed Odds and Ends Pouch – Sewing as a hobby usually results in collecting many odds and ends, from small spools of thread for portable projects to buttons, beads, and thimbles. One way to contain all these useful items within your sewing kit is to turn your fabric scraps into monogrammed zippered pouches. These pouches are versatile and almost any kind of fabric can be used. All you need to make them is a nine-inch zipper, 3 10”x5” scraps of fabric, one 6”x5” piece, and one 5”x5” scrap, as well as a piece of bondable fabric to add the monogram. These pouches also make great gifts!
  2. Fabric Belts for Kids – If you are looking for a simple project for your next arts and crafts fair, your leftover fabric scraps can fit the bill in the form of fabric belts for kids. These belts can be created in a variety of patterns, colors, and lengths, and all you need is the fabric and a D ring. You can make several of these belts in one sewing session because of their simple design, and your leftover animal-print fabric can help you create a variety of different belts for children of all ages.
  3. Christmas Decorations – When Christmas comes around, it is always handy to have a variety of ornaments and door hangers to complement the rest of your décor. Fabric decorations are fun and easy to make, and you can create a huge variety, from Santa faces to snowmen to ornaments. Red, green, and white fabric scraps can be transformed into stocking stuffers for your friends and co-workers, or you can stuff them with fleece or toy stuffing to make hugable Christmas buddies for the kids.
  4. Glasses Keeper – If you have several pairs of glasses for different tasks, then chances are you have misplaced a pair at one point. One way to keep them all in one place and use up your extra fabric is to create a glasses keeper. You will need a piece an 8”x10” piece of fabric and then smaller pieces to create the cases themselves. You can bond or sew the pouches onto the larger piece, then include a hanger to keep the keeper close at hand. Cover the cases with an outer layer of sheer fabric for an added touch of beauty.

No matter what kind of sewing projects you enjoy, your leftover fabric does not have to go to waste. With a bit of spare time and some creative thinking, you can make a variety of fun and simple projects that can beautify your home and make unique gifts for your friends and family.

What do you do with leftover fabric?

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