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Imaginative play is such an important – and fun! – part of a child’s life.

My kids love to play dress-up with everything from Disney princess dresses to Avengers costumes to my old cowboy boots. It is so neat to see what they put together…a tan hoodie, a brown polar fleece remnant, and some tall boots get paired with a light saber and all of a sudden Hans Solo is in the house!

I’ve noticed over the years that many of the costumes and dress-up wear that my kids have end up ripping easily or falling apart as soon as I put them through a wash cycle. (And those things have to get washed sometime!) Because my kids enjoy this type of imaginative play so much I have often thought how great it would be to channel my inner DIY-er and make some costumes myself. My dreams of sewing adorable dress-up costumes is coming true since receiving the Superhero Sewing book!

Superhero Sewing is a creative collection of sewing projects perfect for all your kids’ imaginative play. This book features full-size patterns to make over 20 different playwear projects in five different themes! Superheroes, pirates, a fairy queen and a dragon king, magicians, and woodland creatures…oh my!! Most of the projects are Easy-To-Sew Designs great for beginners, and possibly just the thing to work on with your child. There are a few No-Sew Designs as well for people who don’t sew, or don’t have a sewing machine!

The author, Lane Huerta, is the owner of Lovelane Designs – a Savannah, Georgia screen printing shop. While she is widely praised for her creative knowledge and silk-screened home décor, pillows, and towels, her captivating children’s designs have been featured across the globe. 20180110_095035

Now with Superhero Sewing you can make these lovely, imaginative designs for your own kids. What could be more fun than whipping up some pirate costumes and setting sail on amazing adventures together?!

Be sure to visit Lovelane Designs to see more of Lane’s incredible work.  Superhero Sewing can be purchased through the Lovelane website, Amazon.com, and other retailers!

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