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Shopping with little ones in tow is never easy. As parents themselves, fittedtot.com, get’s that! That’s why at Fittedtot, they bring the boutique right to your door. You will enjoy unboxing personalized fashion with your child and trying on outfits in the comfort of your own home. Make it a fun experience that you will both enjoy!
Don’t get me wrong I do like shopping in a brick and mortar store, but with 3 kids it gets harder and harder to make it a quick trip.  Being able to have something come right to your door is a dream come true.  The Tot Stylists who curate your Fittedtot box will choose only the most adorable current trends from the trusted, quality brands you know and love. And the best part is, all pieces coordinate! This makes your tot’s fashion fun and easy!


At Fittedtot, they want to give kids the tools to be comfortable with who they are. They do this not only by providing well-made, quality clothing, but also by catering to your little one’s individual style. That way they can enjoy expressing themselves with confidence and pride.


You can do all this by taking a simple survey about each of your children and leave the rest to fittedtot.com!  What a breeze shopping will be.

We got a box for my youngest and I am totally in love with each and every outfit that was in there.  Check out all the photos in this post to see what we got.  It couldn’t be more perfect for miss C.  They were also spot on with sizing.


Why not give fittedtot.com a try and have a box delivered to your door. I can honestly say that this is definitely one thing I would totally splurge on for my kids.  So, much easier then hauling them all out to stores! Online shopping is the wave of the future and it is here. Don’t miss out on that.

Would fittedtot.com make your life easier shopping wise?

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