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all you really need is a little dry shampoo and a lot of coffee

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We’ve hit mid January! Cold has settled in, and then a couple warm days, and now back to the bitter cold. It seems like the perfect weather to just get cozy inside the house and only head out the door when you really need to. We always try to take advantage of the few warmer days that come around and the kids enjoy the snow for a little longer without getting too cold too fast. January is the time for deep freezes, snow days, hot chocolate, and unfortunately sometimes the flu and other illness. We’ve done our best to give our immune systems the best defense they can have, and we seem to have avoided lots of what is going around, but both my little ones caught what seemed to be the same thing leaving them with fevers, coughing, and just no energy.

On days when the kids are sick (or really most any day as a mom of little ones for that matter), sometimes the last thing you have time for is taking time to do your hair! I’ve found my go to on mornings like this where I just don’t have the time or energy to wash and style my hair, that dry shampoo is the way to go! It’s been such a time saver, and along with a couple cups of coffee, is the perfect thing to get the day started right! I love being able to extend washing my hair by a day and sometimes even two!
Here’s a couple great ones to get you started!

Macadamia Professional Style Extend Dry Shampoo, Ulta

·         Absorbs excess oil, product build-up and odor
·         Instantly refreshes hair, leaving it looking and feeling clean and fresh
·         Blends with all hair colors, leaving no powdery residue
·         Finish – natural

ColorProof DrySpell Color Protect Dry Shampoo
·         Leaves hair and scalp feeling clean and refreshed
·         Extends the life of your blow dry by 1 – 2 days
·         Ultra fine mist instantly provides body, lift and texture
·         Invisible, mess-free mist for light, even application
·         Helps eliminate odors and refreshes style
·         Provides an essential layer of color and heat protection
·         Saves time by eliminating the need for daily shampooing

This winter, whether you are staying at home with sick little ones, or heading out the door in the morning, try out some dry shampoo to save a little time. Once you’ve experienced how a little dry shampoo can give you the chance to hit snooze one more time or extend your wash by an extra day when you just don’t have the time, it will become part of your regular routine and almost as important as that good cup of coffee.

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