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use share your photos to make sure everyone can see how fun you had at your holiday event #aSIMPLEchristmas + giveaway

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As a photographer, I take a ton of photos and love to share them. I love to be able to document the fun times and keep these memories.  Why not make it easy, when you know most people take photos with their phone, why not have an app that helps you organize and share these photos easily.
I wanted to share with you my experience using Share Your Photos app, while having fun at my holiday work Christmas party this year.  What I did was, I explained the app to my coworkers and told them to download the app so we could all share our photos from the party. The app is so easy to navigate and use.  I actually was able to send them the event via text, or facebook messenger and have them join.  Very easy to do as you set up your event within the app.

Share your photos wanted me to get the best experience with the app, I put it to the test with our work Christmas party this year.  And it was simply easy, the hardest part was getting friends and coworkers to join me in on this and see how easy it would be.  Everyone has been able to see the photos and share the photos they took.

share your photosshare your photos
Share Your Photos is having a Mystery Giveaway until the Dec 31st.  Here is what you need to do:

  1. To enter the giveaway, download the Share-Your-Photos App.
  2. Once you create a profile (it only requires name and email), click Join An Event. 
  3. Join the event MysteryGiveaway17
  4. The prize will be shown in the Event Photos!
  5. Once you’ve joined the event, you have officially been entered to win the prize!
  6. Come back here and comment that you entered and what you would do with the prize!
  7. There will be one winner and the last day to enter is December 31, 2017!

This is an amazing giveaway you do not want to miss!

As a mom, this app will not only be good for events like this, but also for future birthday parties, events at school and kids activities such as sport events. If you have a new born this is a great way to keep track of those monthly photos that we all love to take.

Concerned about if it will work with your type of phone, no worries, it works with all types of phones. So, hurry up and go download it!


share your photosshare your photosshare your photos

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  • Heather!
    December 22, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    I would use for a birthday getaway in Virginia Beach! (By the way, there might be a typo in the name of the event. I couldn’t join until I added a “y” to the event name. 😉)