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two products to add to your facial routine

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What does your facial routine consist of? There are things I always do every morning to make it so my face isn’t so dry.  I am going to share with you an amazing product that I can not go a day without.

First up is Belli Beauty’s Clearly Coconut! A multipurpose beauty and grooming spray-on oil contains just one ingredient, fractionated coconut oil, which is extracted from whole coconut oil for extreme purity and stability.  This stuff is amazing and makes it so my face isn’t so dry.  I put it on right after I get out of the shower and it makes it feel so smooth.

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Another product I got to try out was the 7th Heaven’s Creamy Coconut Mask! Now this is just a once a week type product. It is featuring fresh coconut water and other natural ingredients, this mask moisturizes and hydrates the skin to perfection.  It comes in a single sache pouch that is perfect for travel or one-time use.creamy-coconut-main

They have harnessed the hydrating goodness of fresh Coconut Water, and added lots of lovely ingredients to this tropical treat to help moisturize & hydrate, including super smoothing Shea Butter.

What problems do you have when it comes to your face?  Would adding these to your routine help?

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    Dana Rodriguez
    December 13, 2017 at 11:55 am

    7th Heaven’s Creamy Coconut Mask sounds really nice. My skin is dry so I love moisturizing products!

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