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disclaimer no giveaway2017 christmas cardOne of my favorite Christmas traditions is sending cards. I love technology and the ability to keep up on social media, but there’s something special about getting a card in your mailbox from someone you care about. I have a ribbon I string across our dining room and every day I clip newly arrived cards to it.

If you enjoy the origin of a tradition, here’s a quick recap of the history of the Christmas card. There was even a bit of criticism {olden days FB shaming} 🙂 surrounding it’s beginning. The first Christmas card included a sketch of a happy family which showed children dancing and sipping wine. However, despite the first card being socially incorrect, the tradition took off in the late 1800’s.

My favorite place to peruse for Christmas cards is Minted. The quality is outstanding and the selection of cards is amazing. It’s quite hard to pick just one favorite! The website is very easy to maneuver and they have a “find it fast” feature that will drop your photo into all their cards so you can preview them in the thumbnails as you scroll.

All the Minted designs are created by independent artists. I think it’s cool to be a part in supporting the talented Minted community. This is the 5th year I have ordered Minted Christmas cards and I’m more impressed each year with the level of workmanship that goes into their cards.

2017 Minted Christmas cardThis year’s Christmas card was completed and mailed in record time. We booked a Minted photo-op on November 16th. Our family photos were 2 days later. Even with it being Thanksgiving week, our designed card options and photos from our session were ready in 2 business days. I ordered our cards on November 24th and they arrived 4 days later! Minted did a fantastic job of keeping the ball rolling and I was happy to have my cards ready to mail so quickly. You can trust that the times listed for production will be fulfilled and Minted won’t sacrifice quality for speed.

Our gold-embossed cards turned out better then I hoped. I was able to personalize a few text boxes and I created the backer of our card with my favorite photos from our family photos session.

2017 envelopesSpeaking of mail, we really splurged this year and got personalized stamps. They paired so well with the FREE addressing that I always take advantage of. The pre-printed envelopes save me so much time, I keep my database of Christmas card addresses in my Minted account. I had my 93 cards ready to mail with very little effort. The presentation from the envelope to the card was all matched to perfection. If you know us, we are a far cry from perfect, but we want our friends to have a family photo card of us on the one day it did look like we had it all together.

On a serious note, it’s an expression of the deep love we have for the family we’ve been blessed with and we are so thankful to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We may be far from many of our loved ones, but it brings us great happiness to send and receive cards during the holidays. It’s an extravagance I’m grateful to be able to indulge in and Minted is just plain amazing.California Minted Art

Ordering your holiday cards through Minted is an easy and stress-free process.

  • Find It Fast: Simply upload your family photo, then watch as it appears in hundreds of different holiday card designs to save time browsing.
  • Buy Now, Personalize Later: Take advantage of a promotional offer now and come back to finish personalizing with photos, text, or addresses later.
  • HERE is a link to the current discount codes too!
  • FREE Address Assistant: We’ll print your recipient addresses on envelopes – all you need to do is add postage and mail!
  • Text your photo and get 5 FREE design options.

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  • Sue E
    December 5, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Oh my! I love this! We are empty nesters and my husband is not a big fan of having his picture taken, but I know a couple of Facebook friends that would love to take a bite out of the ritual of sending Christmas cards. I know it’s not offered in my area yet. I love that you have the option of keeping the professional pictures that was taken of your family! For $100, once a year, you get professional pictures, and professionally beautifully made Christmas cards, sounds like a win – win to me!

    • Ginny
      December 5, 2017 at 7:29 pm

      I appreciate your enthusiasm. Wish it was available in your area so you could try it out too. It was the easiest Christmas cards we have ever sent and I was thrilled with how they turned out.