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how to impress visitors with your basement

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You may be unknowingly neglecting the one space in your home that offers limitless possibilities: the basement. With its wide layout and raw ambience, it’s like having a blank canvas waiting for beautification and revamp. From playroom to living area, this drab chamber will challenge your creativity and resourcefulness the moment you decide on transforming it.

Regardless of what you decide on, how you remodel your basement will tell people how wisely you make use of space. Here, we give you tips on creating an awe-inspiring basement that will leave notable impressions on your guests.

how to impress

    • Stop the moisture and cover unsightly spots – Nobody likes a damp room and your basement may most likely have this issue. Address this problem at the beginning of your renovation. Minor moisture issue can be fixed with a dehumidifier.
      If you have serious concerns like leaks and puddles, you may need waterproofing strategies or better yet, consult an expert. Likewise, manage unsightly spots such as a water heater by concealing it with a curtain or an art piece.
    • Create a functional space – Perhaps one of the reasons why you are transforming your basement is because you need extra functional space. Whether it’s an entertaining area, a music room, game room, or a guest room, the basement offers adequate space for your needs. Smartly renovate the basement so it can properly serve its purpose.
    • Transform the ceiling – Pipes, air ducts, wires, and joints may not be too aesthetically inviting. To make your basement feel more cozy, you can do a couple of things to add charm to your ceiling.
      If you want to disguise the pipes and ductwork, hide everything with paint. To cover them, you can install drop ceilings. Paneling and drywall are also your options. See what works best for you and your budget.

how to impress

  • Have effective soundproofing – Having a recreation room in the basement cuts down on-foot traffic in the main living space. But because of that, a lot of the activities may happen in your basement instead. This may cause things to get a little bit too loud, especially if you’re having a great time. You can always soundproof the basement for those loud nights of music and movies. Consult a specialist on how this could be done as this will be hand in hand with planning your ceiling.
  • Complete with an impressive bathroom – The bathroom or washroom will always be one of the things that guests will remember during their visit. Leave a good impression with a clean and inviting room.
    Installing a toilet kit in the basement is not as difficult as it seems. Just make sure you choose ones that are easy to install, like the saniflo saniBEST pro. An upflush toilet as such can be installed below traditional toilet locations due to its flushing mechanism, so it won’t be a problem to set up as a basement toilet. Through this, you, your family, and your guests won’t have to go upstairs every time they need to use a toilet.
  • Add adequate and dramatic lighting – Tasteful lighting can instantly enliven the mood in your basement. Adequate and suited lighting will bring the room to its full potential. For the ambient or main lighting, overhead recessed lighting can be employed for a modern and clean look.
    Pendant lights and lamps can be added as task lighting. And to complete the look, complement with accent lighting such as string lights or surface mounted and directional lights.

how to impress
While in the process of finishing our basement,  I thought these tips would be fun to share in case anyone else is thinking of doing the same thing or in the process of finishing their basement.

What have you done that impress your guests with the basements?


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    Dana Rodriguez
    December 22, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    Those don’t even look like basements.. beautiful! I haven’t seen a basement in years here in the South but my fiance’s daughter lives in one with her hubby in Long island that had been converted into an apartment and it is really nice!

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