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how to help with the frizz

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When you have curly hair, like some of us moms do, we know what excess moisture in the air can do to it. In short, it frizzes. Sometimes it seems that, no matter how much we try frizziness attacks our heads, leaving us looking frazzled and unkempt. While being a mom takes a lot of work, we love to make it look easy, and frizzy, wild hair doesn’t help.

Fashion is important to us, and, even if we put in a good deal of our time into how our clothes look, it won’t matter if our hair is looking unruly. Before we can talk about how to get rid of the frizz, we need to understand exactly how it happens.
Excessive moisture in the air can prompt the form of hydrogen bonds in your hair connecting the proteins in your hair and the moisture floating around your room. This is how your hair frizzes.

If you live in an area of the world where the humidity levels are typically high, then you would benefit from investing in a dehumidifier. No matter the size of dehumidifier, these devices can help you eliminate the excess moisture floating around your home. With less humidity in your house, your hair will be less frizzy when you style it after you shower.

No matter what look you are searching for today, there is a beauty product that can make it happen for you. There are serums to grow back over plucked eyebrows, creams that get rid of dark circles, and there are products that are made specifically to help us battle the frizz.

From shampoos to serums, these products are numerous so it would behoove you to do your research and read the reviews because we all know that sometimes products claim to do a service yet fail to follow through on their promises.

We feel it is important to mention that one product you should invest in is your conditioner. Using a good one can help stop the frizz in your hair before it even starts.

    • Hands Off – When it comes to the frizz in our hair, our hands are our worst enemies. It may be tempting to keep crunching those curls but the fact is, the more you touch your hair the more likely it will be frizzy when it dries completely. So keep your hands off your hair when it is drying naturally and only add a little finishing cream once it is free of moisture. This should smooth any free flying frizz.
    • Go Natural – Sometimes products do the job for us, other times we need to turn to a more natural remedy for our frizz problems. There are several natural substances that can help you combat your frizz problem, which would also eliminate any further chemicals in our water supply. Here are a few of the natural items that have been used to end frizz.
    • Avocado and Olive Oil – They may be a little pricey but an avocado purchased at the grocery store could be used for consumption or for moisturizing your hair so well frizz will fail to appear. Just take one avocado and mash it up with a little bit of olive oil, about a tablespoon or so.
      Wash your hair and rinse the shampoo out completely. Apply the avocado/olive oil moisture into your hair until every strand is saturated. Let it sit for an hour and then rinse it all and condition it w your normal product. This natural mask will take care of the frizzes.


  • Olive Oil – Alone, olive oil can condition your hair well if added to your hair before you shampoo for the day. When added with egg the combination can add an additional shine to your hair. Just create a mixture of one egg and a tablespoon of olive oil and put all over your hair.
    After an hour, wash and rinse your hair like normal. Once you style it your will see a serious reduction in the frizz because of the protein in the egg and healthy fats in the olive oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – One of the least expensive items on our list, this vinegar can be bought by the gallon for less than or equal to the avocado. All you have to do with the apple cider vinegar is rinse your hair with it after you wash it. Your friends will wonder where you got the healthy shine and the frizz will be non-existent.
  • Coconut Oil – This fat derived from coconuts has been attributed to moisturizing dry, flaky skin as well as healing sore gums. The idea here is the same with the olive oil, which is smother your hair, let it sit for an hour, wash, and rinse. The nice thing about coconut oil is that it will also work as a smoothing cream after styling. Just a dab though since a little goes a long way.

Try these frizz remedies and let us know what you think. If you have any other ways you combat frizz and humidity feel free to comment below.


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