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helping kids develop a growth mindset :: positive thinking with big life journal :: #aSIMPLEchristmas

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As a parent, I think one of the hardest things I’ve encountered is knowing how to help my kids develop strong character traits like resiliency, perseverance, and gratitude! While we’re working hard on life skills and it’s super fun to see their little eyes light up when they’ve accomplished something difficult, the getting there part is often the biggest battle for us. Often there is a hesitancy to try, an unwillingness to be interrupted or bothered, and discouragement when the first try didn’t go quite how they envisioned!

While I’m striving to set a good example of follow-through and refusing to quit, I often find myself struggling to even know how to teach my kids that it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to believe in yourself, and it’s amazing to keep working at something hard until you get it! I need a blueprint to follow. I need the words to say to speak encouragement and positivity into their lives and minds.

So having a tool to give to my kids that helps in this area of growth mindset is key.big life journal

Big Life Journal has been one of the most inspiring products I have been given. The colorful journal provides an outlet for big feelings, working through hard problems, and finding ways to grow in the challenges of learning. Working as a guidebook of teaching points for parents, it allows kids to chronicle their dreams, goals, challenges, and feelings one activity at a time as they complete the Big Life Journal. It builds resilience and positivity as kids learn life skills and grow into confident learners.

It is heartbreaking for me as a mom to hear my kids voice discouragement and frustration at what they think is a flaw in the very core of who they are, when I want so badly to have them know how fearfully and wonderfully they were made! To know that they have a purpose and unique place in this world…that they can make a difference and do amazing things.

A tool like Big Life Journal is excellent for all children, but especially for kids who struggle with a perfectionistic or anxious personality. It is a way to help them feel empowered to try new things minus the stress or fear of making a mistake.  It allows kids to grow in the knowledge that mistakes help us learn and challenges make us stronger! There’s no better gift for a child than one that builds confidence, optimism, and belief in their ability to do hard things and grow into who they were created to be.

My oldest son is getting one of these journals for Christmas this year, and I am so excited to see how he will grow! You can find the Big Life Journal on their website and Amazon.com. They also have a wonderful blog that you can access through their website that offers awesome ideas, tips, and resources as well! Be sure to watch the video from Big Life Journal that I’ve linked above…it gives a sneak peek into all the journal chapters 🙂

  What tools and resources do you use to build confidence and positivity in your kids?

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