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Merry Christmas from theSIMPLEmoms
Christmas is just two weeks away! It’s been a good season so far! While we’ve been busy with all things Christmas, we’ve really enjoyed some new traditions in our family and are doing our best to enjoy the little moments with our family and friends!
Most of our Christmas shopping is done, and it’s been fun to include our kids in picking out gifts for their cousins and other family members. Since they are both so little it’s sometimes difficult for them to keep secrets, but I want them to understand what giving looks like, and how special it can be to give a gift to someone they love as well as how important it is to give to others who may not be able to have the same kind of Christmas gifts they do.

The last couple days we’ve been baking and wrapping, and my little guy is really excited to give one of his cousins the Adventure Force Light Command Motorized Light Up Blaster. This will be the perfect gift for his big cousin! Some of the cool features of this are illuminated blast panels on the blaster, a 20 dart belt, and a blaster that will send darts up to 80 feet!! We know his cousin is going to love it! This toy has also been featured in Walmart’s Top Rated by Kids Toy List! Pick up a couple for the kids in your home and they will be sure to have a blast this Christmas! Some of my favorite memories with my nieces and nephews are opening up blasters on Christmas morning, dividing into teams, and having the best time running around the house blasting darts.

Enjoy the rest of the moments leading up to Christmas!

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