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an overnight trip with the toyota highlander #DriveToyota

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When it’s your birthday why not party it up with some girlfriends for an overnight trip up north. Of course, we had to do it in style with the Toyota Highlander.

Pack up the car, round up my 5 girl friends and hit the road up to the casino for my 40th birthday.  It was seriously an amazing day.  I was so excited it was finally here after planning for 2 months. And who else would I spend it with then the ladies at work. Getting all into the Toyota Highlander was easy.  The 6 of us fit perfectly with all of our overnight bags, plus extras.

Toyota Highlander

Being able to fit 6 adults in this vehicle really impressed me and put it high on my list. While the trunk space was a little on the smaller size we were still able to fit all bags needed in there.  It was a very comfortable ride while on our 2 hours drive.  No complaints.

Toyota HighlanderToyota HighlanderToyota Highlander

Four favorite features of the 2017 Toyota Highlander ::

  • Sleek style – The look of a vehicle is high on my list and was very impress by the sleek style of the Highlander. I love the stance on it.
  • Retractable window shade – This is such a genius idea. It blocks the sun for the little kiddos in carseats, well not just them anyone who sits there.
  • Good gas mileage – We were able to drive 2 hours there in back with less then a half of a tank. That is fantastic for an SUV.
  • Third row – There was plenty of room in the 3rd row for 2 adults and leg room.
  • Great winter vehicle – Driving this around in the snow was easy and we felt very safe. It handled well.

Toyota HighlanderToyota HighlanderToyota Highlander

So glad I could make the Toyota Highlander part of my birthday weekend.  It worked out so perfect and was great to drive around for a week. It is also great for a family car. My kids were very comfortable and well spread out with out any issues. Easy in and out with the car seats too.

What is your favorite feature?

Toyota Highlander

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