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12 snowman craft ideas for kids to make

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The chilly days of winter are here! Kids are spending all their time indoors, looking to be entertained, and the house feels a little bare without the cute holiday decorations. Here are 12 adorable snowman crafts that will keeps the kids busy and give you some cute winter artwork to display around the house.
12 snowman craft ideas for kids to make

  • Tea Light Snowmen
    Kids love anything that lights up. Take battery operated tea light candles and use a black marker to draw two dots above the fake flame, for eyes, and a curved row of dots below the flame for a mouth. Instant snowman! You can dress him up using small pieces of felt to give him a scarf or a hat.
    12 snowman craft ideas for kids to make

      • Tin Can Snowman
        Look no further than your pantry for this craft. Using three tin cans of different sizes, paint them white and stack them up in size order (largest on the bottom) to make your snowman. Use paint markers or felt to give your snowman buttons, a face, a hat and a scarf.
      • Snowman Mug
        All you need is a plain white mug, black and orange oil based paint sharpie markers, and a little time in the oven. Use the black permanent marker to draw eyes and a mouth on one side of the mug. Use the orange marker to draw a carrot nose. Once your face is complete, let it dry for a few hours. place your mug in a cold oven and then heat it to 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let the oven cool before taking the mug out. Hand wash.

    12 snowman craft ideas for kids to make

    • Clothespin Snowmen
      This craft requires clothespins, white paint, a black marker, orange pom-poms and yarn. First, paint your clothespin white. With the closed end of the clothespin pointed up, draw black eyes at the top and buttons along the middle of the pin. Glue an orange pom-pom below the eyes and tie a piece of string around the metal clasp for a scarf. Clip him anywhere!
    • Handprint Snowmen
      Capture those cute tiny handprints with this craft! Use a non-toxic paint to paint you child’s hand white. Place their painted hand on a piece of colored construction paper to create a handprint. Once the handprint is dry, use markers or paint to turn each finger and thumb into a snowman. Using the tips of the fingers as the heads and the length of the fingers as the bodies. Give them faces, stick arms, hats and scarfs.
    • Footprint Snowman
      Using white non-toxic paint, paint the bottom of your child’s foot and place it on a piece of colored construction paper to make a footprint. Once dry, use the heel of the footprint as the snowman’s head and the rest of the foot as the body. Draw or paint your snowman’s eyes, nose, arms, buttons and accessories.
    • Cotton Ball Snowman
      On a piece of paper, draw three circles on top of one another to create the shape of a snowman. Fill up the circles by gluing cotton balls inside them. Then, glue on small black pom-poms for the eyes, mouth and buttons. An orange pom-pom can be glued on for the nose.
    • Water Bottle Snowman
      Keep those cotton balls handy for this craft. Take the label off an empty water bottle and fill it with cotton balls to give your snowman a body. Screw the top back on and paint it black for a top hat. Stick on googly eyes and glue an orange triangle on for a nose. Tie a ribbon around the bottle for a scarf and glue small buttons on the snowman’s body.
    • Donut Snowmen
      You won’t be able to use these snowmen for decoration, but they make a fun themed snack! Giving your child small powered donuts, baby carrots and mini chocolate chips, have them push the one carrot into the center of a donut for the nose and then push chocolate chips into the donut (pointy side down) for the eyes and mouth.
    • Popsicle Stick Snowman
      You will need six popsicle sticks, glue, paint (black, white, orange) and googly eyes. Glue five of the popsicle sticks together, side-by-side. Turning them vertically, paint them ¾ white on the bottom and ¼ black at the top. Paint the extra popsicle stick black. Glue the black stick long ways across the five sticks, covering where the white paint meets the black paint. This is the top hat! On the white face, sick on your googly eyes and paint on your black mouth and orange carrot nose.  
    • Snowman Snow Globe
      Take two white paper plates and cut a large circle out of the center of one plate (save the circle you cut out to use for the head). Lay the un-cut plate face up and have your child paint a scene they would like displayed in their snow globe. Next, cut out a piece of cellophane to cover the hole you cut out and glue it to plate, covering the hole completely. Once the painting is dry, sprinkle lots of glitter over the painting and spread glue over the edge of the paper plate. Turning over the cut-out plate, glue it to the top of the other plate. You now have the body of the snowman. On the cut-out circle, paint a face for your snowman. Glue the head to the top of the body to finish!
    • Snowman Lantern
      This craft will use a mason jar, mod podge, white tissue paper, 5 small circles cut out of black construction paper and one orange triangle cut out of construction paper. Rip the tissue paper up into small pieces. Coat the mason jar with mode podge and stick the tissue paper all over, covering the jar completely. While the mod podge is still we, stick on the construction paper pieces for the eyes, nose and buttons. Once the jar is dry, place a battery-operated tea light candle inside to make your snowman glow.

    12 snowman craft ideas for kids to make

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