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weekend dinosaur fun heading your way!

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It was a rainy, cold weekend here.  My daughter was on a retreat for the weekend so the boys and I wanted to go do something fun together.  On a last-minute whim we decided to check out Jurassic Quest.  I figured I’d share my thoughts and a few photos since it’s making the rounds in the U.S!
When we first walked in, we went to see the life-sized dinosaurs right away.  This was something I thought was fun for the whole family, regardless of age.  These are full-sized animatronic dinosaurs.  (Kindly ignore the Spiderman tattoo on my little guy’s forehead.  That’s a story for another day).
Then we headed to the kids activities.  I would say these are geared more toward younger kids.  My five-year-old got quite a kick out of all of it.  My nine-year-old joined in the fun for the sake of his little brother but it’s not something he would have done on his own.  There were dinosaurs you can ride, bounce houses, crafts and “fossil” making.  If you have a young child I would splurge on the VIP wristband but if your kids are older and more into seeing the large dinosaurs, you can definitely skip the wristband.
There was also a dinosaur show.  This is definitely meant to be entertaining and funny.  It was tough to see with the crowds but we still got a lot of laughs.
Jurassic Quest gives recommendations of when you should go to avoid long lines and I highly recommend looking at those!  Since our date was sold out the line just to get in wrapped around the building and the lines for indoor activities were quite long.  Most parents were taking turns standing in lines while the other parent would take their children around to see the dinosaurs and take pictures.  The waiting was a bit of a challenge.

Do you think your kids would love Jurassic Quest?  See if it’s coming to a city near you!

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