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four products you should be buying organic

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Organics are all the rage today because people are caring more and more about what they put into their bodies, and the bodies of their loved ones. This isn’t a bad thing but the biggest complaint folks have with organics is that they are expensive. This can apply to all types of organics from vegetables to mattresses.4 products you should be buying organic

The term “organic” refers to the fact that whatever you are buying was grown or created naturally, without the aid of synthesized chemicals or materials. When it comes to our food, this makes a great deal of sense. What about the solutions we clean our house with? Or the pesticides you use in your garden? Think about the mattress you sleep on at night?

These are all other ways in which chemicals can get into your body, or into the bodies of the people you love. Organics are so popular there are all types of things that offer an organic option these days. Let’s take a look at a few.

    1. Mattresses – Organic mattresses may cost a little bit more but you can’t deny the great benefits that come with sleeping on an organic mattress. First off, other mattresses are sprayed or dipped with flame retardants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs, which have been linked to health defects. Some countries have outlawed the sale of mattresses with PBDEs altogether. Another harsh chemical used on some none organic mattresses is boric acid. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control claim that boric acid can have serious neurological and developmental effects on people who are exposed.Sleeping beauty
      Wool shorn from a sheep is naturally retardant to flames and fire. And it doesn’t omit all that awful off-gassing synthetic mattresses are known for. Off-gassing is when you open a new mattress and the chemicals emit an odor. And, when it’s time to replace your old organic mattress in a decade or so, you won’t be adding to the excess waste on our planet. The materials in organic mattresses are biodegradable.
    2. Cleaning Products – We love to be frugal on this blog, which stands to reason. Nobody enjoys spending more money then they have to. The truth is, it is very possible to spend less on the green cleaning products than the chemical alternatives.|One option is to make your own cleaning solution, which isn’t difficult to do in the least. Just get yourself a spray bottle, fill ½ of it with white wine vinegar and the other half with water. This solution will clean any surface, including glass without streaks, and will cost a fraction of what you would pay for the blue solution at the store. I admit, there is a vinegar smell after you use it to clean but it disappears shortly afterward and all that’s left is a crisp clean odor in the air.If you aren’t too keen on the vinegar add some fresh lemon juice to the solution. This will leave a great lingering scent.

Shopping basket with detergent bottles3. Pesticides – If you are a gardener or if you simply like to keep a nice looking lawn, you should consider using organic pesticides for all your gardening needs. Not only are you eliminating the amount of synthetic pesticides in the air, you are reducing the amount of chemicals that are being soaked up by the Earth.This is especially important if you are gardening produce that you plan on eating later. Just as it applies to produce you purchase at the grocery store, if you use a chemical pesticide in your garden, eventually your will be eating that chemical yourself. So will your family, friends, and neighbors.

4. Fertilizer – All that we just told you about pesticides also applies to the fertilizer you use on our lawn or in your garden. If you are concerned with what you put into your body, then using a chemical or synthetic fertilizer isn’t going to fly. You can purchase organic fertilizer or, if you are ambitious, you can start your own compost.Starting a compost isn’t very difficult and all you need is a shovel, some dirt, some egg shells and other discarded food items and a tarp to cover it. Of course, a compost can start to smell terribly, so if you are serious you might want to consider purchasing a compost drum with a lid.

What we put into our bodies goes much further than what we buy at the grocery store. We absorb chemicals through our pores when we are sleeping on mattresses that have been bathed in chemicals.

We are eating the food we grew in our garden without realizing that the chemical pesticides and/or fertilizers are being consumed as well. Even if we don’t grow veggies in our gardens we are breathing them in when we walk through our yard.

When we clean our homes with chemicals we breathe in those odors as well. All these chemicals are getting us in so many ways.

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate at least some of our exposure? You can by slowing moving toward organic products.


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  • Dana Rodriguez
    November 8, 2017 at 10:50 am

    These are great suggestions. I love organic clothing too!

  • Candace
    November 7, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    What great ideas. Thank you for sharing!