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fidget spinning with zing toys every day play :: #aSIMPLEchristmas

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Word on the street is that every teacher out there has put a permanent ban on anything resembling a fidget spinner in their classroom 😉 I don’t know about you, but knowing we are heading into the dark, cold months of winter means I am stocking up on boredom busters and wiggle reducers around here. And fidget spinners are a definite ok with this mom!

I love that while they do work to keep little hands busy ( and off of a sibling or two!), fidget busting toys are great for increasing focus and working on hand/eye coordination too. These kinds of toys are great for keeping kids busy for as they learn to master the different tricks that can be done!

My oldest has one his hand almost all the time. My youngest is only three and even he likes to see how fast he can get his spinner going. And my daughter who is five says they’re ok as long as it’s one with sparkles. 😉

Zing Toys Every Day Play offers some great fidget spinners, desk toys, and skill play toys. They are great for any age and make a fun and simple gift for birthday parties or stocking stuffers. (Hint, hint…Christmas is coming!)

Tumblestix is a light-up desk toy perfect for kids and adults. The tumbling action takes coordination and patience to master and will reduce stress as it is rolled.

ThumbChucks are another cool hand held toy that takes skill and concentration. It features two tethered metal balls that light up as you fling and flip them.

Spin Circuits can be stacked in doubles for maximum fidget spinner fun! The 20 light patterns make mastering the spin extra fun!20171109_172616 (2)

You can find Zing products on Amazon.com, in Zing’s online store, and at some retailers like Target and Walmart as well. Ranging in price from $5-10, these toys from Zing Every Day Play will put you in Cool Mom territory without breaking the bank!


Check out the You Tube videos from Zing to see these toys in action!

Are your kids as crazy for fidget spinner toys as mine?

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    Julie Wood
    November 10, 2017 at 9:00 am

    These are very fun toys for the kids to play! I need to get some of the Spinning toys for them. They look great.

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