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My girls just love pajamas. Any and all types.  It’s the first thing they always want to put on. Do your kids love pajamas?  Not to mention, how fun it is to have a pajama day at school. My daughter just loves that.

You know those days at home when you don’t feel like doing anything and lounge in your pjs all day.  My kids do that quite often on the weekends because they just love pajamas and well it’s just fun.

brian the pekingese

With Fall here in full effect, and cooler weather, I had to share this adorable brand called Brian the Pekingese. They have 100% organic pajamas and a fun story to tell. You can read all about them here.  With the love of apples in our home, we definitely chose the apple pajamas to share with you.  How about some twinning for my girls. They love to match so this was perfect.

brian the pekingesebrian the pekingesebrian the pekingese

The bright color and fun pattern of these pajamas are surely fun to stand out at a sleepover. When I said we needed to get photos, Miss M said lets sit like we do when we watch a movie.  So that’s what we did and they were just too cute. Macy was signing head, shoulders, knees and toes doing the motions on Miss C and it was adorable. Miss C loves it.

brian the pekingesebrian the pekingesebrian the pekingese

They are made from either 100% pre-washed organic cotton or 100% pre-washed cotton. They do not use any flame-retardant chemicals. Not only are the children’s pajamas and onesies quality-made in the USA, they’re made in California near their corporate headquarters.

If you are in need of pajamas, Brian the Pekingese has several different patterns and styles to chose from.

Which pajamas would your kids choose?

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