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top 5 kid-friendly youtube channels (according to my kids)

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Within the past year or so my family has really started to enjoy some of the channels we have found on YouTube. With kids aged 2, 7, and 10 we are still VERY conscious of what content they get to watch on YouTube, but there are a few channels that they enjoy that I have found to always be kid-friendly. Below are their Top 5 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels (according to the 7 and 10 year olds) along with a video from each channel. As always, please use your parental judgement whether and preview the channels/videos with your children to make sure that you also find these to be as kid-friendly as my family does.

Top 5 Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels (according to my kids) on The SIMPLE Moms

1) Dude Perfect :: if you haven’t heard of these 5 guys from Texas and their craze-making videos then here you go. My kids love seeing the crazy trick shots, strange challenges, and fun antics in the Dude Perfect videos. There is never any questionable language or content and I happily let the kids select any past favorites to watch over and over again at will.

2) Disney Family :: we love all things Disney and the Disney Family channel is no exception. If you enjoy Disney themed crafts, recipes, DIYs, and activities then this channel is for you. My husband has even been known to watch some of these short videos when there are NO children at home with him.

3) How To Cake It :: known to my children as “The Cake Lady,” Yolanda Gampp makes weekly videos of cakes that are crazy amazing. My children don’t even like eating cake and they enjoy watching How To Cake It each week to see what unique creation will come up next. Past cakes include various cartoon characters, oversize food items, holiday themes, and even a fidget spinner!

4) What’s Inside :: this channel is fun to watch as a father and son duo decide to deconstruct various items to show exactly “What’s Inside.” Every day items, toys, things from nature… well, if it has an inside there is a chance it will end up on their show. The wasp’s nest episode was a favorite with my kids so I’ve included it below.

5) Mickey Mouse :: did you know that everyone’s favorite mouse has his own YouTube channel? Lots of Mickey Mouse shorts and other videos with the Fab 5 end up on this channel and my kids are frequently checking to see if anything new gets added.

And as an added bonus here is one channel we haven’t been following for as long (so make sure you monitor the videos for age-appropriateness)… It’s Okay to Be Smart from PBS Digital Studios.

So, did my kids include any favorites of your family in their Top 5? Are there some kid-friendly channels that your family loves to follow on YouTube? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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