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take flight with nikko air race vision 220 FPV pro :: racing drone

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If you have any boys or men in your home, their ears will perk if you mention a drone. This review has brought much excitement to our household. It hasn’t disappointed either. The Nikko Air Race Vision 220 drone gets our full stamp of approval.
Excited about their Nikko Air drone
You might feel at a loss when it comes to shopping for a drone. There are wide ranges of prices, specs that may not make sense to you, and letters that stand for who knows what. I learned from my 10 year old that FPV stands for “first person view”.  Any ideas what DRL stands for? Drone Racing League. Now you know the lingo, lets talk about specs that make sense to the common mom.

Nikko Air Racing DroneThis is a good starter drone. It’s recommended for ages 14+, but if you have a responsible kid that will take good care of this toy, it’s been a good fit for my 10 year old, Jack. We began by unboxing the drone and downloading the training software. We were able to learn the controls in a simulation situation. The training sessions were very helpful and quite fun. The controller for the drone syncs with the software for a very realistic feel for flying. It’s like playing a video game. This gives the drone a whole other aspect of how it can be used. It’s now a rainy day toy too. After we completed “flight school”, we found an open space to take the debut flight.

Quick tip, before we took flight, I did put a return address label on our drone. While I had complete confidence that our flight school training was good, I wasn’t sure if a wind gust would whisk away our drone. Good news, we didn’t lose our drone, but if we ever do have a mishap, I hope it will be returned safely.
First Person View
There is a camera on the drone. This is mainly for the FPV. Do you remember what that means? 🙂 The quality isn’t going to make you any amazing YouTube videos like Casey Niestat, but it’s a fun aspect to the drone to have the ability to record your flights. Jack was really intrigued with the FPV goggles and has enjoyed perfecting his flying skills with this technique. It’s such an attractive look too. Can you sense his excitement to try this new toy? He didn’t even change out of his school uniform.

The drone is affordable, but also sturdy. It’s designed to race so it can take some bumps and tumbles. It’s challenging in a fun way with room to progress with tricks, speed, and perhaps racing. The battery life met my expectations. It would be fun to have an extra battery to swap out, but we were certainly satisfied with the flight time the battery offered. As you will see in the vlog below, from start to finish we have enjoyed our Nikko Air drone. We can recommend this as a hot toy on Christmas lists this season.


  • 5.8 GHz analog transmission delivers real-time video display without image delay
  • Includes LCD screen and FPV googles allowing you to see exactly what your drone sees as it happens
  • 130 adjustable wide angle camera for a better view when flying and racing
  • Fly FPV with or without the goggles. You can attach the LCD screen to the controller or attach to the goggles for an immersive FPV flight experience
  • Practice your piloting skills with the DRL Simulator. This digital gaming platform allows new pilots to learn how to fly, compete in actual DRL courses, and race friends
  • The DRL simulator is compatible with Windows and Mac computers using the same controller used to fly the drone
  • With 3 variable flight modes and 3 speeds this is the perfect Race Drone for all skill levels- beginners to advanced
  • Highly durable composite frame designed to flex, bend and crash with confidence
  • 16 one-touch stunts allow anyone to fly like a pro
  • High performance speeds of 25+ miles per hour!
  • Propeller guards are great for beginners and can be removed for advanced pilots
  • View and record high definition video. Includes an SD card to store your videos and share with friends
  • Beta Flight advanced software allows for precise tuning and customized controls
  • Hard case quick swap battery design removes the exposed wires for a more durable battery design
  • Interchangeable controls pinch and joystick
  • Does not require FAA registration

What’s Included

  • Racing drone
  • 4.3 LCD Screen + 4 AA batteries
  • FPV goggles
  • Controller + 4 AA batteries
  • 7.4 V Rechargeable Li-PO battery
  • 1 set (4) replacement propellers
  • Instruction booklet
  • USB charging cable
  • SD Card

Where to Buy

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Toys R Us
  • Amazon (affiliate link)

MSRP: $169.99

AGES 14+

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