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sipping on warmth this fall with adagio teas

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When the temps start to drop I start thinking about comforting hot beverages, and with a busy family these are usually consumed on the go. As much as I had wished it was different, hot tea and on-the-go just didn’t work out for me. Loose leaf would sit in the water too long making a ridiculously strong brew and tea bags were out because of the string that would cause my travel mugs to not seal properly leaving me with a wet lap.

Adagio teas on The SIMPLE Moms

As soon as I saw Adagio’s ToasTEA travel infuser I knew I needed to give it a try, and after sampling some of their delicious teas along with the ToasTEA I am very excited to share Adagio with all of you!

The ToasTEA portable tea infuser is made of double-walled stainless steel with a removable infuser and a lid that actually locks to prevents spills! The ToasTEA is also extremely easy to use. Just fill the body with hot water (leave room for the infuser), place tea inside the infuser, attach the infuser to the lid, close and lock the lid, flip the unit upside down, and infuse your leaves to the desired strength! Once you’re steeping time is complete flip the ToasTEA back over and open the spout to enjoy your perfectly brewed tea at a nice hot temperature for hours!

Adagio Tea Jasmine Phoenix Pearls on The SIMPLE Moms

Adagio is also the perfect place to buy the loose leaf teas that you use in the ToasTEA. They have a wide selection of teas including Black Teas, Matcha Teas, Herbal Teas, Decaf Teas, Chai Teas, Oolong Teas, Green Teas, and MORE! Knowing that I love Peppermint herbal tea I ordered a 1.5 ounce bag. When it came time to select other teas to try I decided to give the sample sizes a try so that I could experience quite a few different teas before committing to a larger size.

Adagio Earl Grey Lavender loose leaf tea on The SIMPLE Moms

I am so glad I tried those sample sizes! Without it I would have missed out on trying the Jasmine Phoenix Pearls which turned out to be my FAVORITE tea in the whole bunch! I’ve never before enjoyed the other green teas I had tried until this and I would have totally passed it over if there was only a larger size available. If you’re curious some of the other teas I tried in the sample size included the White Grapefruit, Thai Chai, Pumpkin Spice, Jade Oolong, Ceylon Sonata Cold-Brew Iced Tea, and Earl Grey Lavender – another favorite!

Adagio Ceylon Sonata Cold-Brew Iced Tea on The SIMPLE Moms

I loved discovering Adagio and will definitely be ordering some more of their gourmet tea!

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