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pancakes made easy :: pampered chef

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Breakfast has become a favorite meal for both my kids! My kids eat three meals a day, but I can always count on breakfast being one that they will eat a good, solid meal! I love this because I know it’s a great way to start their day! Most days during the week they either eat oatmeal or eggs. On the weekend we usually have a bigger breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday and all of us look forward to it since breakfast is the meal with some of our favorite foods!

Pancakes has quickly become my son’s request for part of every weekend breakfast, and now he’s been asking for them during the week as well. He orders them if we go out for breakfast, and I’ll even occasionally make them for breakfast for dinner meals.

During the week I usually like to make something easy and quick, so we don’t always have time for pancakes. However, I recently received the Pancake Blender Bottle from Pampered Chef, and I love how quick and easy it makes up a batch of pancakes! It’s fun too, because it mixes it all in one bottle, and my kids can help me shake it up and pour on to the pan! I’m not always the person who is looking for gadgets to make things easier for cooking. I often like to just keep a few simple items that work for many different things, but I’ve always found that Pampered Chef makes great products to make cooking simple and convenient! When we got married 11 years ago, some friends gave me a bridal shower through Pampered Chef, and those kitchen items I received are still some of the items I use everyday in our kitchen. Their products are high quality and have a great design.

The Pancake Blender Bottle is so convenient. Just add your ingredients (which are marked on the outside of the bottle), and shake until mixed! The cap doubles as a measuring spoon for your ingredients, and all other measurements are marked on the side. The internal whisk ball makes sure the batter get smooth to make good pancakes. After shaking all ingredients together, just pour on our pan!
I love that this product is part of the Round Up From the Heart Program. For every product sold, Pampered Chef will donate 11 meals to help end hunger through Feeding America. Read more about how you can help here.

Here’s a few tips to make your pancakes perfectly with this new product!

3 Tips for Perfect Pancakes
1. Mix your ingredients in the right order. Put in the agitator ball, then add milk, then dry ingredients, then egg(s).
2. Shake the bottle for 15 seconds, then remove the measuring spoon to release pressure. Put the measuring spoon back on and shake 10 more seconds for six pancakes (15 seconds for 12 pancakes). Remove the measuring spoon when you’re done shaking the bottle.
3. For best results, use your batter right away. Why wait for pancakes?

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  • Reply
    Sarah Hayes
    October 29, 2017 at 11:20 pm

    the blender bottle is a genius idea. we love making pancakes!

  • Reply
    Elicia P
    October 29, 2017 at 9:40 pm

    Oh boy, this looks dummy proof. Short story: my husband and I are dating. One morning I asked him if he could make pancakes for me as there was the mix in the cupboard. He tells me he did not know how… ugh, it was boxed for goodness sake!

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