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beyond baby books :: how to stay on top of journaling

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I’ll admit. Baby #1 had a pretty thorough baby book. Baby #2 was a bit more haphazard but still better than nothing. Baby #3? Well, I may have backdated a few things…or almost all of them…throwing in some random dates that may or may not be close to the time he actually first sat up, got a tooth, said “mama”. And past the first year or two, there is nothing. In any of their books.

I don’t know, I guess life just got crazy. I had fleeting thoughts like “Oh, when the kids are sleeping I’m going to catch up on some journaling.” And occasionally I did. But mostly I did laundry, washed dishes and fell into bed. So when I came across a journal done online (either via text message on my phone or on my computer), I jumped at the chance to give it a try.
While Qeepsake calls itself a “text message baby journal”, it really is more than that.  My kids are now 5, 9 and 11–we are well beyond the baby years.  And when I registered with Qeepsake, I filled in the ages of my kids so the prompts are better suited to their ages.  Qeepsake has all kinds of questions from milestones to favorites to day-to-day happenings. All of Qeepsake’s questions are carefully tailored toward the age of the child. I’ve been able to text the cute pronunciations my youngest uses as well as the recipes my oldest loves creating in the kitchen. Things that go way past any of my baby books!
And one of my favorite features of Qeepsake premium is that I can also text in a picture to go with my text response. When you ask about my son’s favorite vacation spot, I can send along a photo of him collecting sea glass on his favorite beach.  When I text in about my youngest’s new bike-riding skill, I can show a photo of his huge smile at that accomplishment.  I love that I’ll have these great memories saved.  And if I want to take the time to think about my response or write something a little longer than a text message, I can go into my account anytime to answer any unanswered questions, add pictures, or edit my responses.

Qeepsake also has the option of purchasing a book with your journal entries and pictures.  I haven’t ordered these books yet but I certainly hope to and I’ll be sure to share with you my thoughts!  Could you use a little help on your baby books?  I encourage you to check out Qeepsake!

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