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tips for quick, healthy snacks for busy kids

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Soccer season started! While we love soccer over here, having three kids on three different teams means a very busy fall schedule! I know I’m not alone. Whether it’s sports, school, scouting or any of the other thousands of activities, fall is just a busy time. As you all know, nutrition is very important to me and it gets tricky this time of year when a lot of our nutrition needs to be quick or on-the-go. So here are a few tips for keeping your kids healthy during this very busy season.
Daily Sunshine

  •  Keep healthy food on hand that does not need refrigeration.  This is key for me because sometimes I need to throw lunch in the car that is going to sit there for hours and hours.  Some of my favorite things to keep stashed in the car are fruit leather, nuts and Daily Sunshine Smoothies.  Daily Sunshine Smoothies are made with organic fruits and vegetables (a full serving in each packet) and plant-based protein and are easily made by adding water and shaking up!  In two flavors (chocolate and strawberry banana), your child can choose what he or she is in the mood for that day!


  • Go for liquid nutrition when you’re low on time.  If I set out a plate of fruits, veggies and a protein, my kids might take 30 minutes to eat it.  And some days, we have that 30 minutes to sit and chat and eat.  But some days we just don’t! Some easy options for liquid nutrition is drinkable yogurt and Daily Sunshine smoothies.  I like that Daily Sunshine smoothies are formulated just for kids nutritional needs.  And my kids can make it themselves!  Throw a cup of water and a smoothie packet in a cup and shake!
    daily sunshine
  • Make it taste like dessert!  Almost every kid I know has a sweet tooth.  So I’ve found a few snacks that double as dessert.  They taste delicious but are still good for you!  One of my favorite treats are these powerballs.  I often keep a batch on hand that my kids can grab for a quick little protein boost.  Add some fruits and veggies into the recipe by adding in a scoop of Daily Smoothie chocolate protein powder.  My kids are also loving Daily Sunshine milkshakes.  We take a Daily Sunshine chocolate pack, add a frozen banana (I always keep some on hand), a scoop of peanut butter (or any nut butter or sunflower seed butter), a cup of water and some crushed ice.  Seriously this is so good.  My kids have requested it every day since we first tried it.

What are your favorite tips for quick and healthy eating?

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