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We love good food at our house. Some people eat to live, while others live to eat! We tend to find ourselves in that second category! My husband and I both come from families who enjoy good food! Both of our moms are amazing cooks and are people I will always go to for advice, recipes, and anything food related!
My parents passed down their love of healthy, wholesome foods with lots of flavors to me! While I could enjoy a plain ham and grilled cheese sandwich, I’d much rather have it on some hearty bread with a unique cheese, some good veggies, and of course a delicious sandwich spread.

Delicious and Sons has an amazing assortment of dips, pasta sauces, and sandwich spreads! I tried a few of them out and I can’t wait to try more! I’ll share my favorites and how I used them.

Organic Garlic Aioli with Saffron and Orange
This unique sauce is an amazing addition to a panini sandwich, or the perfect dip for sweet potato fries! The orange flavor was a unique addition to the traditional aioli sauce.

Sun Dried Tomato Spread
This spread is one of Delicious and Son’s Mediterranean spreads and was my absolute favorite! I loved it spread on a good bread, used it mixed with avocados for a unique guacamole, and made the most delicious quesadillas with it!
Sometimes a spread or a dip is just what you need to make an ordinary meal something special! Delicious and Sons takes pride in making their products from ingredients harvested at the peak in Italy and Spain. They are non GMO, completely organic, and a healthy choice!
I will continue my love for cooking and my love for good food and enjoying good companies like Delicious and Sons along the way.

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