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Fall is about the time I like to change my purse over to a new one or switch it out with one I have on hand.  Keeping my purse organized is not a small task. I seriously put anything and everything in there. I am not sure about you but I really dislike taking my whole wallet in and out of my purse.
With that being said, I typically just put the cards I use the most in a little side pocket inside my purse.  I am able to easily reach in and pull out the one I need. This process though is not the most safest way to do things. If my purse tips over or is open they can easily fall out and get lost.  Something I do not want to deal with when it comes to money and credit cards.
I wanted a way to keep them more consolidated and safer. So let me tell you about my new Kinzid wallet I just got.  This is the greatest thin minimalist pocket wallet. It features 6 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 Larger Card/Money/Receipt Pocket – Top Center Access, you can easily put all kinds of cards and money in and easily take out.  It does not bulge in your front pocket, making it more practical and comfortable for daily use. The Ultra-slim, compact design is ideal for the professional to hold all their credit cards and for front or back pocket wear. I actually put this in the little pocket on the inside of my purse and it works perfectly. It keeps them together and free from falling out.


This slim wallet can secure your credit cards and other RFID-chipped cards, IDs, Passports etc., it protects your personal information from being stolen. It does this by blocking all RFID scanners and readers.  The slim wallet is made of Vegan Leather, soft and feel good. It is durable and all edges are expertly stitched to prevent the materials from seaming.

I am loving having this this compact wallet. It is so much easier to find and get the right card that I need.

How do you organize your purse? Do you have a regular wallet and a mini wallet?

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