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introducing cold brew :: community coffee

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I am a hot coffee kind of girl! We have been having a 90 degree week as we enter this fall season, after experiencing one of the coolest temperatures in August that I can remember. Usually you will find me drinking a hot cup of coffee on either kind of day. I’m the girl who drives through the drive thru to get my caramel macchiato in the summertime, and the barista at the drive thru asks me both at the speaker and the window if I’m sure I don’t want an iced version. You can also find me in the afternoon on the hottest summer day, drinking a hot mug of coffee out on the porch in the sun! That’s just usually what I go for.

Enter Cold Brew. I’m just not really a fan of frappuccinos or iced coffee, but there is something about Cold Brew that I have just grown to love! I think I love the way they’ve figured out how to brew it specifically to be used as a cold drink, not just coffee made a little extra strong then poured over ice!

Community Coffee, which I’ve shared with you several times before, has come out with a new cold brew formula that is amazing! It is so simple to make! You just steep 2 packages in a few cups of water for 24 hours, and then add more cold water! I have enjoyed having a pitcher on hand over the past week so I could enjoy a cup in the afternoon in the heat of the day! I love the rich flavor in this iced cup of coffee!

Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t abandoned my hot cup of coffee in the morning. I’m excited about my new Pumpkin Praline K Cups for this fall season, and my morning routine won’t change with a warm mug in my hand to start the day, but Community Coffee’s Cold Brew has made me a believer that a cold cup of coffee really has it’s place in my world.

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