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chemical free cleaning to make your home healthy

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There is nothing like sitting back looking at your freshly cleaned home. It makes you feel good. What’s even better is knowing that what you used to clean her home was chemical free and healthy.  No need to worry about having chemicals sitting on your furniture and things, making it unsafe for your kids. We try as much as possible to keep our home free of chemicals, because we do have small children that like to put things in their mouth regardless of what it is.

Now, I know many moms and dads and grandparents are busy. We have busy lives.  I know that lots of families have cleaning services that come and clean their home. My mom included. Let me share with you about Fresh Tech Maid, a Chicago-based home cleaning service, is delighted to present their “healthy home giveaway.” Three lucky winners of this giveaway will receive a custom healthy home cleaning kit, the same one that Fresh Tech Maid’s professional and certified cleaning technicians use every day to make homes sparkle!
chemical free cleaning
The healthy home cleaning kit also includes one bottle of Fresh Tech Maids’ personal brand of de-ionized water to promote safe, chemical-free cleaning. De-ionized water is H2O in its purest form, making it an eco-friendly yet powerful solvent suited to all cleaning needs. It is the most effective, chemical-free general cleaner you will ever find!

“Our passion at Fresh Tech Maid is to provide home cleaning services without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals,” Wells Ye said. “All of our products are certified eco-friendlyhealthy_home_giveaway_supplies, which is better for people and the environment.  More and more people are starting to realize what we have known all along,” he adds. “A home can be even cleaner without the use of chemicals.”  

Who wouldn’t want the best for their family? So run on over to Fresh Tech Maid and enter the giveaway for a free cleaning kit! Hoping this kit helps you and your family enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and safer home! The winner of Fresh Tech Maids Healthy Home Giveaway will be notified by email. Giveaway ends Oct. 22nd! Good Luck!!

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  • Lee Mckeon
    October 22, 2017 at 10:02 am

    I love this sounds great! All the chemical cleaners we have used really affect all our allergies!