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what to get for the child who has everything

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Okay, so maybe my children don’t actually have everything. But when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, it’s really hard coming up with fun, creative ideas. I recently heard about My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear and loved the idea. But, as my youngest is nearing 5 and we are (sniff, sniff) done having children, I filed it away in my head as a fun shower gift idea. But then I realized that I could customize a stuffed animal with any 20-second audio recording I wanted. And I realized I totally needed a My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear!
These are seriously the cutest stuffed animals. So many options. I adore the fox, frog and cow but ultimately I had to go with the sloth.  I kid you not, there is a stuffed sloth that you can customize with your own recording!!!  So, our family did a little stealth recording and left some quick birthday messages for our youngest.  Recording is super easy–you flip a switch, squeeze the heart and record.  And, yes, you can record again if it’s not what you’re looking for. Pop the heart into the animal and you’re all set!  And, as an added bonus, you can store the recording on an app.  So if you want to change the recording, you haven’t lost your original.  Here’s a quick video to show you how it works!
slothsleeperThink our little guy likes his sloth??

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear was developed by a mom and sonographer, so using the stuffed animal with its original intent is great.  But I love the little twist on the original idea.  I think this would be a huge hit for kids of any age.  I mean, I’d like my own sloth stuffed animal that my kids leave me a message in!  I could even see it as a creative way to leave messages for your kids (pop it on your child’s bed with a bedtime prayer if you’re not home or leave in on the breakfast table with a message of encouragement for a big test that day).  So much more fun than just a note!
What other fun ideas do you have for using My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear?

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