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summer time is the best time :: food, family and fun! {#BarSBBQ}

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Bar-S DisclaimerCan you BELIEVE it is August already? I’m seriously over here crying! I mean, the summer has flown right by…and I’m not ok with it! The first part of our summer was absolute insanity. Then, creating a schedule after the insanity was another level or torture. So, now we are just going with it. We are picking up the pieces where they were left, and enjoying every single second as much as we can. Now that we are in August, I finally feel refreshed, as our life has become a little slower. This is what summertime is all about! Enjoying the moments…

It’s about spending time with family.

It’s about relaxing.

It’s about having a nice glass of wine with my husband on the porch after the kids have gone to bed.

It’s all about grilling with our family and inviting family friends over to spend time with.

Bar-S Summer Loving #BarSBBQ

Summer time is the best time! One of my favorite things to do with my girls is to have family dinner on the porch. When the weather is nice, the girls know to set the table outside, because that’s where we are going to be! Grilling is the second favorite thing, next to eating outside. And shoot, these two things go hand in hand! Food, family and fun!Bar-S Food

When I think of grilling outside, I think of needing the essentials. Meat, seasonings, utensils and a great recipe. I was recently introduced to Bar-S and I LOVE what they have to offer. I wanted to share it with you all today!

When I first was introduced to it, I thought it was kitchen utensils, and only utensils. It’s not that at ALL. Ha! It’s even better and way more useful! What it’s come to be to me and my family is a place to go BEFORE we decide what we are making for dinner tonight. When you click over to Bar-S you will find a slew of amazing-ness! From recipes (they have it organized too from 15 minute prep to 45 minute prep!) to the meat. Ideas galore!

Bar-S has over 35 years in the business with quite the reputation to go along with it. You can find meat products from bacon, to hot dogs, to sausages to lunchmeat and more!
Bar-S Recipe Book

Basically, it’s a one stop shop to grilling with you family. Like, you need to click HERE first before prepping your dinner menu!

What have you seen over at Bar-S that has you wanting more? Is it the recipes or the cool utensils? Or is it something else? Talk to me!!

Take advantage of their newsletter too! Sign up today so you don’t miss a beat with all their goodness! PLUS…they send coupons!!

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Your New Destination for grilling inspiration #BarSBBQ

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