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science with stuff :: scientific books just got much more exciting

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Thankfully, we are a family that loves to read. But, just like their mom, my kids are picky about their book choices. One leans toward realistic fiction, one likes fantasy and one is totally into super heroes. Nonfiction is not always high on their list. But I’ve found a series of nonfiction books from Downtown Bookworks that make science books so much more fun.
Check out these Science with Stuff books. Each one comes with a a fun collectible artifact–the two we ordered came with a shark’s tooth and fossilized dinosaur poop.  Talk about something fun for show-and-tell!  My kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on the stuff!  And then they got to learn more about their cool collectibles when they read the books.  Some other fun collectibles are owl pellets, starfish and real space rocks.
Now let’s check out the books.  Each book is full of colorful pictures and illustrations as well as tons of scientific facts.  I’d say the content is appropriate for all ages but the reading level is more for upper elementary/middle school children.  My 11-year-old daughter was able to read the books to my 4-year-old son so they could both be engaged.  They both had fun learning about sharks and dinosaurs!
The allure of actually touching science made it so much more real for my kids.  There’s nothing like touching fossilized dinosaur poop that’s 65 million years old!  Check out the titles found in Science with Stuff and tell me what your favorite is!  I have a few others already on my list of Christmas gift ideas!

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