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pretend play stickers from eeBoo

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When my kids were all smaller I used to joke that the boxes their gifts came in were the real gift. I am sure I am not the only parent who has said this nor am I the only parent who has kids that can turn a cardboard box and their imaginations into hours of fun. Thanks to the folks at eeBoo I have found a great way for my kids to keep those boxes entertaining them for even longer!

Happy eeBoo Spaceship engineers on The SIMPLE Moms

My family loves eeBoo and we were very excited to discover that they have these fantastic sets of stickers that help turn a cardboard box (or boxes) into an imaginative play item. *It is important to note that the cardboard box is NOT included when you buy these sticker sets, but with all the online shopping we busy moms like to do it doesn’t take long to have a big box ready for the kids to use!* There are three sets to choose from Spaceship Pretend Play Stickers, Car Pretend Play Stickers, and Kitchen Pretend Play Stickers and we will be excitedly waiting for additional sets to come out in the future! (hint, hint to our friends at eeBoo)

eeBoo Spaceship Pretend Play Stickers on the SIMPLE moms

We decided to test drive the Spaceship Pretend Play Stickers and my kids were very excited when I pulled them out for play this week. The box I had on hand fit the recommended dimensions included on the sticker packaging and we were able to fit all the Spaceship Pretend Play Stickers set on the box. Thankfully these sticker sets are reusable so when a new larger cardboard box arrives at our house we can upgrade our spaceship from a single occupancy rocket to a two seater!

Now you are seeing photos of the shiny new spaceship in our midst, but I know that without a doubt my kids will have the crayons, colored pencils, and markers out to help customize their sweet new ride within the week. Additional control panels will get added, fantastical designs and a new paint job will be applied, as well as some creatively sprinkled in dings and dents from space debris. I’m most excited for when we move the stickers to another new box and the kids go through the customization process all over again, giving me a seemingly endless supply of time where they are entertained and nicely playing together.

Captain's Log Day 1 eeBoo Spaceship Pretend Play Stickers on The SIMPLE Moms

These sticker sets are great to keep on hand for rainy days, birthdays, holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, and just because you are the coolest mom ever. I’m thinking ahead to next summer when the Kitchen Pretend Play Stickers set will be an inexpensive way to set up a mud pie kitchen outdoors for my kids that won’t make me cry when they absolutely destroy it!

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  • laurajj
    August 31, 2017 at 3:53 pm

    Oh these are so neat! We love playing with boxes and trying to make things! Would be so fun to have stickers to figure out where to put them!!!