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peace of mind for life’s adventures :: cobra jumpack xl h2o

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About a year ago I was grocery shopping with the kids and we came out in the dark during freezing rainstorm to find a dead battery in the van. Now, parking lots are difficult enough to get someone to jump your car at night but oddly enough the people across from us were also having car problems and it was a whole lot of dead batteries and NOT FUN. Knowing how to jump-start your car with a set of jumper cables on hand means nothing when you can’t reach a source of power.

Cobra JumPack XL H2O on The SIMPLE Moms

With family road trip season fast approaching for my crew I knew I needed a better option than finding a kindly person to give us a jump-start in case the battery on our vehicle takes an unexpected dive. I was extremely excited to find out I won’t be needing to bring any heavy equipment but thanks to Cobra and their JumPack XL H2O all-weather jump-starter and power pack I have peace of mind that fits in a case the size of a hardcover book!

Cobra JumPack XL H2O has well labeled ports for ease of use

There are a few things about the JumPack XL H2O that have me VERY excited.

1) It’s an all-weather jump starter :: you can safely use it in the rain, snow, or out on the water (think boats; jet skis; snowmobiles; etc.)

2) You can quickly jump-start your vehicle :: while finding someone to help jump start your vehicle can be an easy task it usually isn’t. Quickly get the job done yourself with the included step-by-step directions and be back on your way in no time!

3) If the conditions are not safe to exit you vehicle you can charge and start it from INSIDE :: yep, using the 12V accessory port in your vehicle your can charge and start the batter without stepping a foot outside!

4) A single charge can jump start a dead battery up to 3 times :: and if you’re lucky enough to not need to jump start your vehicle a single charge can last up to 8 months!

5) It’s also a USB power pack and LED flashlight :: charge mobile devices in a blackout situation or in cases where you don’t have access to an outlet and use the LED flashlight with strobe and SOS functions for emergency assistance!

Cobra JumPack XL H2O convenience on the SIMPLE moms

The peace of mind having the Cobra JumPack XL H2O gives me when living our everyday life or when we are in an emergency situation is priceless!

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