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Our family was very excited to check out this new show. It’s been our tradition for years to go to the circus right before school starts. It’s a fun way to round out our summer activities. The circus closed so we were looking for a new family event. Our oldest two children turn 10 and 8 this month and our “baby” is 4. The show was perfect for all ages and genders. Who doesn’t love Marvel Super Heroes?

enjoying the show
There is a lot of humor sprinkled into the script of the show. The stunts and fight scenes were exciting and the special effects grabbed our attention. The kids were all glued to the show. My husband and I enjoyed it too. There were fireworks, cool costumes, motorcycles, computer generated backgrounds, lots of fight scenes, some acrobatics, characters dropping from the rafters, and a storyline to follow. We give the show two thumbs up!

marvel univiverse live super heroes

You still have time to catch Marvel Universe LIVE if you live in the Bay Area of California. I got this post up quickly so you can see the show this weekend in Oakland (August 11-13) or next weekend in San Jose (August 17-20). If you live in a different area of the country, follow the show on social media and you will know when to see it in your town.

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P.S. If you hit the Bay Area show, get there early. We arrived at 6:30 and it took us over 30 minutes just to get to our seats. The metal detectors made it quite slow getting into the building. I would suggest you arrive about 45 minutes before the show to get settled properly. Don’t forget the wet wipes for sticky fingers if you have cotton candy loving kids.

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