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have a blast this summer with rocket star air

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Summer has been so much fun this year!  We have had some of the most beautiful weather.  Days haven’t been too hot and nights have been cool!  We’ve taken a few little trips, but mostly have been spending time with friends and family in backyards, around campfires, and at the water.
We are always looking for fun things to do out in the yard outside of the typical toy.  We love things for our kids and friends and family that allow people to interact and have fun together!  It’s easy to find fun games for older kids and adults and we have our favorites and add a new one here and there, but it’s fun to find new ideas for the kids too!

The sandbox and little pools are where the kids spend most of their time.  They wander the yard together looking for new things and imagining new ideas!  They come up with the best things while spending their summer days outside.  One of their new favorites is the Rocket Star Air.

They love watching it launch up in the sky!  It’s a simple concept and they love having older friends and cousins come over to help them make the rocket go as high as they can! We love the simple assembly and concept of an air propelled rocket launcher!  It can go as high as 50 feet and our little ones love to watch it go and chase it and bring it back to whoever is launching!

The simple things in life can be enjoyed for hours and have a part in making memories that will last for a long time.  We will keep holding on to these summer days with laid back schedules, time with family and friends, and staying outside until the sun goes down to soak up every bit of sunshine.

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