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children’s gifts shelf ideas from sleeping bear press

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Does anyone else have a gift shelf/cupboard/box/etc. on hand at home? I grew up with my mom and grandma each having a random drawer of items for giving as gifts when they forgot a birthday or had an unexpected event come up. While I don’t have quite the same supply as either of them I do have a small shelf of books on hand to gift for birthdays, baby showers, and other life events for kids such as broken bones, surgeries, birth of a new sibling… You get the idea.

Board books can be a good gift for a baby shower or birth but a nice hardcover book is also a fitting gift at those times even if they little one won’t be able to read it unattended for a few years. Add an inscription to the front cover and you’ve got something they can save for passing down to their own children one day.

children's gifts shelf ideas from sleeping bear press

If you’re looking to add some titles to your own shelf, your gift shelf, or to start a gift shelf of books here are some fun titles from Sleeping Bear Press to stock.

A Symphony of Cowbells :: by Heather Preusser and Elileen Ryan Ewen is a delightful book about a cow named Elfi who has lost her bell and the perfect harmony of the herd. The illustrations bring Switzerland to mind and the delightful story is perfect for a farm or animal loving kiddo.

A Symphony of Cowbells and Leopold the Lion covers

Leopold the Lion :: by Denise Brennan-Nelson and illustrated by Ruth McNally Barshaw is a fun story of two children who adopt a run away circus lion. It’s a silly story that kids will enjoy but conveys a good message about eating well and staying active to be healthy.

Grandma's Nursery Rhymes Itsy Bitsy Spider and Ghost Cat covers

Grandma’s Nursery Rhymes: Itsy Bitsy Spider :: this board book is a fun way to share the classic nursery rhyme with the lovable illustrations from Petra Brown. Great book for any smaller kids who cannot be trusted with paper pages!

Ghost Cat :: by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Kevin M. Barry is a not scary story about a ghost cat named Sailor Boy who lives in a lighthouse with beloved owner Miss Maggie. Miss Maggie is the keeper for a working lighthouse and one stormy night Sailor Boy has to save the day. A fun story for the little cat lovers you may know or as a not scary Halloween story.

Do you have a similar shelf at your house? Keep any good books on hand for children’s gifts?

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